Barbara Roberts, Homeopath


Belladonna is commonly known as Deadly nightshade, with the active ingredient Atropine. It is called Belladonna “beautiful lady” in Italian, because of its history, where women would drip the juice of the berry into their eyes to dilate the pupil, considered fashionable and beautiful at the time. The active ingredient, atropine, is still used in medicine today, as an eye drop to dilate the pupil, and in surgery to reduce salivary secretions. Homeopathically, Belladonna is best known for fevers- with …

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Complex Remedies

When I post about remedies, I talk about single remedies. Yet you may notice when you go to a health shop or pharmacy there is a range of homeopathic remedies with a number of different remedies in them with names like “coughmed.” In homeopathy these are called Complex remedies, and contain a number of remedies, sometimes also of different potencies. They are often packaged and labelled with a condition, with a number of remedies for coughs or allergies or other …

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What Vitamin C is best?

I sometimes get asked this question, as I recommend Vitamin C for coughs, colds, and any infection. Vitamin C has been shown to be useful in sepsis, and may help with some cancers, as well as being under investigation for some chronic diseases. It is an essential co factor for many enzymatic pathways, and directly supports immune function stimulating the production and function of leukocytes (white blood cells). Most mammals can synthesise Vitamin C in their body, but humans are …

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