Barbara Roberts, Homeopath

Placenta homeopathic remedies

One question I had was about a remedy made from Placenta after birth. There is a remedy called Placenta Humanum, which is made from the placenta of a woman in Wales. Themes from this remedy include feeling incomplete, guilt from lack of achievement, feelings of discomfort and being ill at ease with themselves, inability to breathe, confusion and chaos, and wanting to start over. The results after the remedy were a sense of clearing out and growing up, becoming more …

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There is much fear in the news at the moment about the novel Coronavirus originating in China that has killed over 80 people to date. Initially China released information on the first 17 deaths in Wuhan. 15 were over the age of 60, and 10 had a pre-existing condition. ( At that point there had been around 600 cases. Since then they have not been publishing information about the deaths so it is hard to know if the trend of …

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