Barbara Roberts, Homeopath

Winter Survival Kit part 3

Homeobotanicals These are an amazing modality where combinations of herbs are put together and then diluted and potentised to make them an affordable and effective treatment for a wide range of conditions. They come in combinations for different conditions, but can also be combined to make something effective for an individual. For example last weekend I was starting to come down with a cold. Instead of my normal homeopathic treatment I decided to experiment and try the Homeobotanicals. I made …

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Winter Survival Kit Part 2

I went searching the shelves at work to find some better options for a winter survival kit. The pic shows what I found and below is some more information about the ones that feature most in my household. Supplements and Herbs for your Winter Survival Kit There are many supplements floating around my household, but these are some that feature prominently and get more use throughout winter: Vitamin C – this supports the immune system to function, enhances response to …

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Winter Survival Kit part 1

I’m back working in Pharmacy again, and the other day came across this “Winter Survival Kit”. Needless to say the brands on the front are not anywhere on my list of winter essentials, and do not feature in my household supplies. So here is a three part guide to what you might actually want for your winter survival kit. Part 1- Homeopathic remedies, Part 2- supplements and herbal remedies, and Part 3- Homeobotanical blends for Winter wellness. Homeopathic Remedies for …

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