Barbara Roberts, Homeopath

Sleep part 1

Sleep is vitally important, more and more evidence showing it is essential for general health and wellbeing as well as enhancing immunity and decreasing risks for chronic disease. Unfortunately it’s not always that easy and an increasing number of people suffer with insomnia or other sleep disorders. I started to write this post and realised there is just so so much to say about sleep, so bear with me and please come back over the next couple of days to …

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Yesterday I completed a three day fast- that is, for 72 hours I did not eat anything, but did drink water whenever thirsty. Before I start, please note that this post does not recommend fasting and you should research personally and consult a Healthcare Professional before fasting. Fasting is something that has been done for thousands of years. In prehistoric times it was just part of life – feast when you had food, and then fast when there was no …

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Emergency Kit Remedies

Today it is 10 years since the first big Canterbury earthquake centred in Darfield. Civil Defence recommend having an emergency kit ready in case of a disaster- whether something you get warning of like a severe storm or something that can happen without warning, like an earthquake, tsunami or volcanic eruption. One item on the Emergency Survival Items list is a First Aid Kit and any essential medicines. Personally, Homeopathy is my most often used form of medicine, and is …

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