Barbara Roberts, Homeopath

Germ Theory and Terrain Theory

Let’s talk about the Germ Theory of disease. This, primarily, is that disease is caused by bacteria and viruses. The Germ theory means that sickness is imposed on us. It takes power away from the individual and puts it in the (metaphorical) hands of malicious bacteria and viruses, and the hands of the doctors and conventional medical professionals that can fight them and heal us. The Germ theory doesn’t explain susceptibility. We all know them, those people who are never …

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International Homebirth Day, 6th June

We are so fortunate in New Zealand that home birthing is a choice that is well supported by our medical system and our amazing homebirth midwives. Homebirth is not only cost effective, but reduces unnecessary interventions. Being in your own space also allows the production of Oxytocin which is essential for maintaining labour. Stress and adrenaline turns this off, and a bright, loud, different environment may well make a woman uncomfortable and slow down labour. I am fortunate enough to …

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