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Lac Leoninum

At the moment I am reading Living Free: The story of Elsa and her cubs by Joy Adamson with my 10 year old. This is the sequel to Born Free: A Lioness of two worlds, and they chronicle the amazing true story of a lioness who was born wild, raised by the Adamsons in Kenya in the 1950s, then released back to the wild. There are three books, finishing with  Forever Free, about Elsa’s pride. If you have not read them I highly recommend this glimpse into a world more wild than today. 

Reading of Elsa and being reminded of the nature of lions made me review Lac Leoninum, the homeopathic remedy made from Lions Milk. 

I am a newbie to astrology, and if this does not fit your spiritual beliefs, please just scroll down to the next paragraph. Recent discussions with colleagues highlighted an increase in some of the feelings associated with Lac Leoninum while the sun has been in Leo, and during the phenomenon Lions Gate, the astrological alignment of Earth, Orion’s Belt and the star Sirius. The sun will be in Leo until mid September.

Elsa grew up with humans, so her pride was the Adamsons and a few other humans. She was playful with her pride, but wary and territorial with others. She had an innate sense of dignity, and did not like being photographed, and especially not being laughed at. There were many things the Adamsons observed as being innate knowledge- how to drag a carcass, stalking and methods of killing game. She also had a keen intelligence, both understanding some words and phrases but also in tempering her strength, and recognising and when being integrated back into the wild, understanding when the Adamsons were leaving and acting aloof to make it easier for them. 

Lions live in a pride, usually a family group with related lionesses and one or more lions. Lionesses work together to raise the cubs, and to hunt for the whole pride, while males mostly patrol and protect the territory. Lionesses are smaller and lighter so are more easily able to hunt, and by working together they can bring down bigger game. 

As a remedy, Lac Leoninum has the theme of conflict between a woman and her husband – she carries the lions share, and feels like she is better off doing things herself and in her own time. 

They want respect, and can be contemptuous of others efforts if not up to their standards. They can be arrogant, easily offended and irritable. The feeling of “how dare you” if there is any criticism will leave them feeling angry. 

Despite this, they are protective of those they care about, particularly relatives and children, and they want to keep the group together, not wanting to be alone. 

They may have changeable moods, be sympathetic or unsympathetic, arrogant or anxious, playful or irritable. 

The Lion is the King of the Jungle (despite the fact most live in grasslands), and Lac Leoninum may have the delusion they are more important than other people. But like other animal remedies they can also feel persecuted, like a victim, and their response can be to bite back. 

Physically Lac Leoninum feel heavy and weak, tired both mentally and physically. They can be restless and may want to do many things but are easily tired out. Anger will give them strength but it doesn’t last. 

They are better for warmth and want to be out in the open air. They feel better in the morning and worse in the evening. 

Lac Leoninum, like the lion, can have a strong desire for meat, or like many homeopathic remedies, can have the opposite and be averse to meat. They can have a reduced appetite and fully up easily, have bloating and a heavy sensation in the abdomen. 

Some of the other physical symptoms: 

They may be constipated and have flatulence that smells sulphurous or like spoiled eggs. 

They can have increased sexual desire, and women may have frequent, profuse and painful periods. 

Itching and burning skin eruptions, a burning sensation in the eyes and sensations of heaviness in the head, body, and abdomen are also seen in the Lac Leoninum picture. 

Sleep can be refreshing or unrefreshing and they will be sleepy during the day (like the Lion who is active in the morning and the evening). 

If any of the above resonates with you, you may be feeling some of the energy of the lion, and it is time to consider Lac Leoninum as a remedy. Please consult a Homeopath if you are unsure or need support to find a remedy. 

If you want to find out more about Elsa and the work she inspired, check out the Born Free foundation  – and for any homeschooling parents they have free teaching resources split into 3 age groups, ks1 (equivalent NZ years 1-2), ks2 (years 3-6) and ks3 (years 7-9). 

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