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Tissue Salts

What are they and how to take them?

Schuessler (pictured here) was a doctor in the late 19th century. To better understand human physiology he analysed the ash residue from people who were cremated. He concluded that there were 12 different tissue salts that make up the human body, and then spent further time researching to figure out what role each tissue salt played in the human body.

The twelve salts are:

* Calc Fluor- for Elasticity. This mineral is found in tooth enamel, covering the bones, and in the elastic fibres of skin, muscle and blood vessels.

* Calc Phos- for Bone Health. This mineral is found in bone, teeth, connective tissue, blood cells and in the gut.

* Calc Sulph- blood cleanser. This mineral is found in the liver and helps with removal of waste products from the blood stream.

* Ferr Phos- First Aid. A part of haemoglobin helping to carry oxygen around the body. Congestion, inflammation, fever all need increased oxygen and Ferr Phos can be thought of in the early stages of any acute illness. I have also seen it recommended to be applied topically as a powder to bleeding wounds, cute and abrasions.

* Kali Mur – for Glands. To help with lymph glands and thick white or greyish skin discharges. Can be thought off for sore throats and tonsillitis as well as ear infections.

* Kali Phos – for Nerves. Can support headaches, insomnia , depression or irritability and mental fatigue.

* Kali Sulph- for Skin. Together with Ferr Phos helps supplying oxygen to cells and tissues. Consider for scaly skin conditions such as Psoriasis or Athletes foot and brittle nails.

* Mag Phos – Nerve and Muscle Relaxant. This is needed for the contraction and relaxation of muscles, not enough can cause spasms and cramps.

* Nat Mur – for Fluid Balance. Any condition where there is a lack of or excess of moisture, such as headaches, constipation, watery mucus, digestive issues and more.

* Nat Phos – acid regulation. This is involved in promoting absorption of water and regulate bile and liver health.

* Nat Sulph – water eliminator, also involved with the healthy function of the liver.

* Silica – cleanser and conditioner, Silica is found in connective tissue, blood, bones, nerve sheaths, mucous membranes, hair, skin and nails. It supports healing whenever there is pus formation or infection.

You can also get numerous combinations, designed to support the body with specific conditions.

Tissue salts are prepared homeopathically but are a low potency – 6x. This means they provide a physical support but have less of an effect on mental or emotional health.

You can take tissue salts for an acute condition every half an hour until things improve, or for ongoing support take them regularly 2-4 times daily for as long as needed. If you are starting to forget to take it after being really on to it for a while it is likely that you no longer need it, or that you can ease back on how often you are taking it.

If you are taking a tissue salt make sure to tell your Homeopath, Naturopath or other Health Professional when you see them.

Photo credit- the Institute of Biochemic Medicine.

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