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Travelling part 2 of 2

Yesterday I posted about my homeopathic kit for international travel. What else do I take with me while travelling?

Vitamin C – usually the Sodium Ascorbate powder form but tablets are also easy and portable. Great for supporting the body with wound healing, infections and allergies. There is old research suggesting that it can reduce your risk of deep vein thrombosis, although this is controversial. (Spittle CR, lancet. July 28, 1973: 199–201.)

Echinacea or Elderberry – you can take this as a preventative but also up the dosage to use as a treatment if you do start to come down with a virus or bacterial infection.

Charcoal capsules- these help adsorb toxins and bacteria from the gut- so it’s a great one on hand for food poisoning. Some “food poisoning” is from the different food that you are exposed to while travelling, the native population may be fine with that food but a traveller can end up with diarrhoea. So I have Charcoal on hand for those occasions.

Throat lozenges- dry and sore throats. I like the sambucol ones because they are elderberry, zinc and a tiny bit of vitamin C and the kids like the taste. Another favourite is the Blis K12 lozenges which contain a salivary probiotic.

A first aid kit (did I mention I’m a Guide leader 😂). I take a little one, with extra plasters (because kids) and hypercal or mebo ointment for wounds.

Traumeel is also a great homeopathic combination cream that can be used for strains, sprains or bruising- where the skin is not broken.

Colloidal silver spray is also an antibacterial, and can be used orally for short periods of time for sore throats or mouth infections.

Sunscreen and insect repellant. We only sparingly use sunscreen, but if out all day or in a tropical zone will definitely use it. And someone will always get bitten by something!

Electrolytes- after our last holiday when my eldest got dehydrated

I briefly mentioned deep vein thrombosis/ DVT. This is a risk when you are stationary for any length of time, so regular movement can help.

Compression stockings are also great to help keep blood moving and prevent swelling and DVTs. “Flight socks” are a low level compression stocking available in most pharmacies. I always wear my flight socks.

EMF radiation is high in planes. I always travel with a small zone protective Orgonite device, and for long haul travel a personal pendant. I like the ones available at

What’s your travel must have or tip?

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