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X ray

This was my day yesterday – a school playground accident left my youngest not wanting to move his arm, so nurse, doctor, x-ray, doctor, nurse for a cast before being able to go to school. X rays were inconclusive so it’s a trip to the fracture clinic and probably more x rays next week.

In light of this, I want to discuss X ray, the homeopathic remedy.

This is an old remedy, and was proved in 1897. X rays were invented in 1895, and widely thought to be safe. X ray technicians would calibrate their machines each day by taking an X ray of their own hand, which led to damage and deformations of the hand. As well as X rays to diagnose fractures or other internal injuries, they were also used therapeutically for tumours to reduce their size.

The remedy we use was made by exposure of a vial of alcohol to X rays, which was then potentised to make a homeopathic remedy. Here are some of the symptoms from the X ray picture:

Mentally they are irritable, and may not be able to think clearly.

Lots of headache symptoms, including sticking pains in different parts of the head, or dull aching sensations. Headaches worse on the left side. Neck pain with a lot of stiffness, or cricks in the neck with pains behind the ears.

Buzzing sensations or intermittent noses in the ears, or fullness worse on the right side. Nose stopped up, with bloody or thin mucus and sneezing.

The tongue can be rough, dry and sore, and throat painful with the feeling of a lump on the left tonsil. Breath is foul.

Reduced or lacking appetite and a desire for sweets. There could be nausea, bloating and a heaviness or fullness in the lower abdomen. Colicky pains or sensations like bubbling in the abdomen, and a gnawing pain in the area by the appendix were also experienced in the proving.

Rheumatic pains that can come and go, and tingling feelings “as if from an electric battery” may be felt in the limbs.

The skin may be affected with eczema and psoriasis, thickening of the nails, painful cracks and wart like growths.

Generally they are tired, sick, and exhausted. Symptoms are worse in the afternoon, evening or night.

If you would like to read more about X ray as a remedy, Allen’s Materia Medica of the Nosodes has the full proving and a much bigger description of the remedy.

For my son, I gave X ray 200c as a single dose after his X ray as a homeopthic detox.

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