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Homeopathy is a holistic health discipline that can support you with many mental, emotional and physical complaints. It is comprehensive, and looks at not just what has brought you to make a booking, but other complaints, what is happening in your life and your history.
Contact me if you need support with your health, or physical, mental, emotional or spiritual well-being.

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Client Feedback

"It has taken me so long to write this because I have changed so much in the time I have been seeing Barbara that it took me a while to remember what life actually used to look like. It was only in moments of extreme pain that I am now reminded of what my daily life used to look and feel like. Weekly headaches lasting days, migraines leading to vomiting, period pain, hormonal imbalance, pain in general, frustration, sadness, depression, uncertainty. Major things that got spontaneously fixed like a 6 year long summer rash on my legs that no one could diagnose and a 12 year fear."

"Clarity, comfort in knowing that I'm never crazy and that there is probably a homeopathy pill for it has changed the way I think about everything too and is the reason why I love homeopathy. My always answer now is homeopathy! The more you open up the more you can fix, solve and heal."

"Barbara has been amazing through this whole journey. She is just such a genuine person who also has her struggles which makes her relatable. She has always been accepting and I found it easy to talk to her even in the darkest days about the most sensitive topics."

"I have healed SO much, and am truly a better person today than who I was before. I got back all the best bits of me and even managed to find a few new bits too!!" -R, November 2020

"Just to say a big thank you for treating me recently for my annual bout of Hay Fever. About August every year pollen from the pine trees and shelter belt conifers make me feel quite miserable. After our talk and your subsequent treatment I am glad to say I have felt a lot better.” CW, September 2020

About Me

I trained as a Pharmacist, and worked for several years. What I noticed was that medicines or drugs are really good at maintenance, keeping people at a reasonable level of health, but they do not cure sickness. There is also a rising problem with antibiotic resistance, which could mean in my children’s lifetime that antibiotics may become ineffective.

I had grown up using Homeopathy, so I started a course on using Homeopathy for acute prescribing- injuries, coughs and colds. By the end of that year I was hooked- and had also just had my first child. I continued the Diploma and graduated from the College of Natural Health and Homeopathy in 2015.

I am consistently upskilling my Homeopathic and conventional medical knowledge. Recently I have completed a course in Homeobotanicals, and I am studying further in Nutritional and Environmental medicine.

Rainbow Falls, Kerikeri, near where I live with my husband, three children and two cats.