Barbara Roberts, Homeopath


An initial consultation takes around one hour for children or an hour and a half for adults. Homeopathy is holistic, so takes into account everything that is currently happening with your health, both physically, and mentally and emotionally, as well as your medical and life history. We also know that tendency to disease can be inherited, as can patterns of trauma (the study of epigenetics) so you may be asked about your family history. Please let me know if you are undergoing other medical or alternative health treatment. Likewise let your other practitioner know that you are undergoing homeopathic treatment.

I am currently not accepting new clients from overseas.
I hope you can find a Homeopath locally who can help you, and best wishes with your healing journey.

In-Person and Zoom Consultation Fees (New Zealand dollars)

Please complete the form below to book an appointment.
You will receive a confirmation email with details and a zoom link (if applicable) once the form is submitted.


After hours appointments may be available. Please contact me at  or send me a text message on 022 477 0139 if you would like to arrange after-school appointments, acutes, or general appointments.

Consults are via Zoom or in-person (Kerikeri, North Island, New Zealand). The full address and Zoom details (if applicable) will be supplied in the booking confirmation email.

All prices are in NZD (no GST).
Invoices will be sent after the appointment, including the cost of any remedies and postage, if applicable.
Consultations are payment by direct deposit or cash.

For booking purposes, children are up-to and including 17 years.


A cancellation fee (of up to 100%) may apply if there is less than 24 hours notice of cancellation. This reflects that others may have been turned down for an appointment you have taken and that my time and services are valuable. I may request payment in advance for a Zoom or other consult. I understand that sometimes the family budget gets in the way of treatment. Payment plans can be negotiated, please contact me to discuss this.

What to Expect with Treatment

The remedy chosen will reflect your personally, with your whole health picture as well as your presenting complaint taken into account. Occasionally people have a reaction to a homeopathic remedy – this may be a worsening of the condition, or be bringing up symptoms that had previously been suppressed. A reaction is a sign the remedy is working, and should be temporary. If it is severe, or concerns you, please contact me to discuss.