Barbara Roberts, Homeopath

Cake Week

It’s cake week in my house. The official celebration starts on the 5th with my birthday, and ends on the 12th with my eldest’s birthday. Cake week is characterised by celebrations, and lots of cake. Sometimes it stretches into cake fortnight, which is dangerous for diets and waistlines.

This year cake week is a milestone for me – 40 years. So I am going away with hubby and leaving the kids with my Mum (thanks Mum!).

As such this week the clinic is closed and I will answer emails and messages next Monday.

In my absence, feel free to have a piece of cake for cake week, and if you overindulge, here are a few of remedies to consider-

Nux Vomica is a remedy for overindulgence in food, alcohol or caffeine (or drugs and smoking). This can leave you feeling sick, like you would feel better if you could just vomit, but you can’t. Mood wise Nux Vomica is irritable, and impatient, and worse for missing out on sleep.

Carbo Veg is the remedy to think about when you have stuffed yourself and you are feeling bloated, wanting to lay there, but also needing fresh air. You may also be burping a lot.

Saccharum Officinale is made from sugar, and so is useful for overindulgence in sweet foods. This can leave you hyperactive followed by a crash, so the remedy helps balance out the spikes.

I think I’ll be packing all three for my trip 😉

Have a great week and I’ll be back, answering emails and messages on the 13th!

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