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Chocolate, the Homeopathic remedy

When looking at a remedy, we first look at the substance itself as there are often parallels. Feel free to have another look at my post from Thursday about chocolate, but here are a few key things that we will discuss further below.

Chocolate is sweet, has a specific texture, melting in the mouth. Women often crave chocolate around their period, but more than that people eat it for the happy feelings it brings, for feelings of love or to deal with hurt and disappointment.

People needing Chocolate, the remedy, love their children and can be over protective, needing to look after them; which sometimes can mean they are over controlling and do not let them be free. On the other hand there can be irritability and anger at family, friends, and they can even become sarcastic and cruel, and indifferent. They may have had a lack of connection or nurturing with their own mother as a baby.

They may feel vulnerable and isolated, preferring to be alone and hide from a world that they feel they do not belong to. They can be oversensitive to criticism and have a tendency to hide in case things go wrong, to hibernate or even hide under the duvet where it is warm and safe.

Despite this desire to hide away, they have a strong desire for freedom, and preferring to be out in the country, finding the city too restrictive.

There is a need for truth, they may have a history of being lied to or deceived, and as such have a strong need to tell the truth. They are confident in their opinions and want to express them, whatever the consequences.

The image of a hedgehog is associated with Chocolate. This may be having short, bristly hair, or the desire to touch others’ hair if short or bristly.

They can be restless and excited, unable to keep still and with a strong desire for activity. They are very sensitive, seeing colours strongly, hearing sharper and smelling acutely. Perhaps because of this, they are easily distracted.

There is an affinity for endocrine system and hormones. The menstrual cycle is often affected, with long, heavy periods, or symptoms that are tied to the cycle and worse at menses. There is often an indifference or aversion to sex. There can be headaches and migraines (perhaps triggered by eating chocolate), and these may be related to the menstrual cycle.

The gastrointestinal tract has many symptoms including nausea, heartburn, and burping, as well as bloating and farting with cramping pains during the period. There may be diarrhoea and constipation.

They may have an increased appetite, or even eating disorders. They like cold food and ice cream, citrus fruit and refreshing things, sweet foods, and of course chocolate. They may be thirsty because everything feels dry.

There is also an awareness of the heart, and it may beat too fast, too slow or have irregular heartbeats.

They are generally chilly, worse for cold and find it difficult to warm up. Despite this they are better for being outside and excercising, and may be better or worse for heat. They can have flashes of heat and may be useful for menopausal hot flushes.

The remedies that Chocolate is most like are Sepia, with its hormonal symptoms, feeling like they have no space and they want their family to go away, and the Lac remedies like Lac Humanum which have a lack of bonding with their own mother.

I hope this has given you a little insight into a small homeopathic remedy with a big hormonal picture and need for love. If you have not seen my posts from the last two days then check them out for information about chocolate the food, and remedies that have a strong craving for chocolate.

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