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Diamond Immersion and Adamas

The diamond is made from carbon atoms, that have been compressed and heated and in doing so form the hardest mineral in earth, only another diamond can scratch it. They have a high value and are seen as a symbol of beauty and love- diamond is the symbol of the 75th wedding anniversary.

In Homeopathy we have two remedies made from diamond, with slightly different pictures.

Adamas was made from diamond dust procured from a jeweller in London and was triturated. Diamond Immersion from a high quality, whole, uncut diamond crystal from South Africa, immersed in distilled water in a round bowl, covered with glass and left exposed to sun and moon for 24 hours, then the water was mixed with alcohol to make the mother tincture.

Diamonds are valuable, and can be a status symbol worn in jewellery, both remedies show this. Adamas has a lot of anxiety and concern over their appearance. They can have low self esteem, and even feel ugly or dirty so take extra effort in their clothing to look beautiful and out together. They can also feel the effects of humiliation or scorn for a long time afterwards, and will have a haughty demeanour so that they are not in that position. Diamond Immersion has a strong awareness of their position, whether in work or society, they are important and are sensitive about their image. However, they also feel that they have a “fatal flaw”, which is not seen in Adamas, and will try to conceal this, and they also have a much higher need for perfection in everything. Their fear of losing their wealth, position or image may lead to suicidal thoughts. There can also be the polar opposite, that they have no self confidence or belief in themselves, and they have a strong fear of failure.

Diamonds themselves are formed from carbon that is transformed under immense pressure and heat to the jewel that they are. In both Diamond Immersion and Adamas there is this sense of pressure. Diamond immersion has very high standards and works hard to achieve- which also can cause anxiety, but also can have a great mental strength. Adamas can feel more ground down with the pressure, feel overwhelmed and averse to responsibility. They are generally sensitive and can be at odds with themselves, feeling dissatisfied with their life, and have a desire to escape.

The sense of pressure may also come from their past – Diamond Immersion can have a history of abuse including sexual abuse, or just feeling attacked, criticised and taken advantage of.

Adamas have a fear of poverty, and issues around work or the inability to work. They are anxious about their health and specifically a fear of cancer.

Diamonds are prized for their clarity, and both remedies can have mental fogginess. Adamas was described “like a cloud over them”, while Diamond Immersion has a sense of disorientation, blankness and walking through fog. Both remedies may use words like clarity, with Adamas in the proving also having sharpness of details and sparkling, and Diamond Immersion bringing clarity and focus. Interesting to bite in the Adamas proving was that some provers got lost in familiar areas, others had more clarity about where they were and no need for a map.

With Diamond Immersion there is also a theme of blackness, darkness and isolation, the complete opposite to the clarity seen in the light.

Diamond Immersion and Adamas both feel angry. For diamond immersion it is their anger at the wrongs done to them, abuse and attack. This can lead to violence at even small things and desire for revenge with feelings of bitterness. Adamas feels insulted, unheard and misunderstood. Like the dust of the diamond they feel small and that someone bigger is taking over. Their anger is cold, and notable in the proving was women who were angry at their husbands. This can be tied up with a feeling if worthlessness that their entire being is tied into their relationship.

For both Adamas and Diamond Immersion the remedy can be transformative, helping them find their inner light and individual power. Diamond is a meditation enhancer, and diamond immersion is noted for awakening the heart energy.


Both can be chilly, Adamas with cold extremities, while Diamond Immersion may also have a sense of warmth in the chest. Both feel better for sunlight.

Adamas crave sweets and fruit, carbohydrates and potatoes, and salmon. Diamond Immersion particularly crave white chocolate, also roasted vegetables, fat, butter, coffee and salty foods. Diamond Immersion also have a desire to drink a large amount of water all at once.

Colour preference also varies, Adamas preferring red, specifically colour 9c, while Diamond Immersion prefers white or gold.

Both remedies can have headaches, Adamas particularly left sided, and may be related to hunger, better for eating. Diamond immersion headaches come with deep stabbing pains behind the eyes or throbbing in the temples.

Both remedies can have delusions around size – Diamond Immersion has the sensation their head is enlarging, while Adamas feels like the right side of their body is longer or bigger than the left.

Adamas can have visual disturbance or loss, spots in the eyes, and Diamond Immersion has tired eyes with a loss of focus on screens when typing or straining to read.

Adamas has gastrointestinal pains that are burning, and indigestion, with bloating and smelly flatulence. Diamond Immersion also will have indigestion and reflux. Both remedies can have an increased appetite.

Diamond Immersion can have a dry cough, but Adamas has a bigger emphasis on this with a barking, racking cough that is exhausting and constant.

Also notable for Adamas is the weakness in the ankles, during the proving there were lots of injuries including sprains and broken ankles, and this is not seen in Diamond Immersion.

There are many other symptoms for both Adamas and Diamond Immersion, and I recommend reading the proving information on Adamas, and more about Diamond Immersion in Peter Tuminello’s Twelve Jewels book.

Both remedies are important ones and worth knowing about, so that those who need them can shine bright like a diamond, instead of being lost in the dark and angry side of the remedy picture.

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