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Emotional First Aid

I know many people are reeling from the announcement about mandatory vaccinations for healthcare workers and teachers.

I have a few posts that you may wish to re-read.

*Informed consent (because if you are being forced this is coercion and not informed consent which implies you can turn it down):

*And how you can support your body through the vaccination, if your back is against the wall and you decide you will have it:

Please be reassured that I am happy to support you whatever your decision is. I do ask vaccination status in a consultation, as I ask about history of injuries, illnesses and medical procedures, but your treatment does not hinge on whether you are vaccinated or not.

Some remedies that might be appropriate if you are subject to this mandate:

Aconite – for shock. It is also a good remedy for panic attacks, especially those that keep you awake at night.

Arsenicum – anxiety, particularly about health and worrying about how this will affect you financially. Physically there may be an upset stomach, or diarrhoea.

Ignatia – for grief. If you are grieving the loss of your career and livelihood. You may be tearful and/or have a lump in your throat that won’t go away.

Pulsatilla – tearful, changeable emotions, needing support of friends and family (even though the support may make them cry more).

Natrum Muriaticum – holding it in, not wanting sympathy, bottling it up to deal with by themselves at home. Also a remedy for grief but they may not show overtly like Ignatia or Pulsatilla

Nux Vomica – if your reaction is anger, and you are snappy and short tempered. Over indulging in alcohol, food or smoking may be part of your coping mechanism.

Staphisagria – this, particularly is a remedy if you are getting the vaccination because you are forced into it by this mandate. Staphisagria is a remedy for people who have been pushed into a corner, and may feel victimised. There may be physical, mental or emotional abuse or coercion. They may not show externally anything from this treatment, but absorb it into themselves. However they can have flashes of rage, and are inclined to throw things in anger. They may also feel guilt or shame. Interestingly it is also a remedy for surgical incisions, so also appropriate for the vaccination.

Please send me a message if I can help with this, or anything else.

For those of you who are standing up against this mandate, Kia kaha. For those of you who cannot and will get the vaccination you don’t want, arohanui. I am here for you all.

Image- a rare triple rainbow that my daughter spotted when out for a walk. There is very faintly a reverse rainbow under the main one, and another reverse rainbow higher up. A sign of good luck I would like to share with all of you.

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