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Germ Theory and Terrain Theory

Let’s talk about the Germ Theory of disease. This, primarily, is that disease is caused by bacteria and viruses.

The Germ theory means that sickness is imposed on us. It takes power away from the individual and puts it in the (metaphorical) hands of malicious bacteria and viruses, and the hands of the doctors and conventional medical professionals that can fight them and heal us.

The Germ theory doesn’t explain susceptibility. We all know them, those people who are never sick and/or those people who catch every cold or gastro bug that comes along.

This is where Terrain theory comes in. That looking after your health, eating well, exercising, keeping stress low, getting enough sleep will allow your immune system at its best and reduce your susceptibility to disease.

Dr Sam Bailey has a great video discussing germ theory vs terrain theory which you can see here:

Homeopathically, we work holistically, and prescribe constitutionally – a remedy that looks at everything going on mentally, emotionally and physically. We know, we see daily with people treated homeopathically, that treating constitutionally improves general health and reduces susceptibility to infections. This is the definition of Terrain theory.

While what we eat, how we exercise, how much we sleep and how much stress we are under are all important for immunity, there is also our epigenetic inheritance.

Epigenetics is the study of how genes are turned off and turned on and their effect on our health, and how these can be passed on from our parents and grandparents. Not just physical effects – like the evidence showing that your grandmother smoking in pregnancy smoking increases your risk of asthma, but the effects of trauma, such as those seen in the grandchildren of Holocaust victims. Homeopathy is again a great modality to address inherited susceptibility.

Are you ready to improve your Terrain? Message me for a consultation and not only will you get a constitutional remedy but we can make a plan together for a sustainable change to improve your health.

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