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Long Covid

This is a term used to describe symptoms that people have long after recovering from Covid-19 infection.

What are the symptoms? Well there is no official diagnostic criteria, but it usually includes symptoms that have continued for at least 4 weeks after the initial infection. Symptoms include fatigue, shortness of breath, cough, headaches, low mood, brain fog, chest pain, muscle aches and pains or weakness, heart pounding, beating too fast or chest pain, sleep disturbances and changes to smell and taste.

Estimates on long Covid vary, but UK data suggests that one in 7 people would be ill for at least 4 weeks, one in 20 for 8 weeks and one in 45 for 12 weeks. Women are more likely to be affected than men, as are those over 50 and/or overweight. The more symptoms you have in the first week the more likely you are to have long Covid- yet another reason to treat Covid early with supplements and Homeopathy – see the pinned post on my page for some suggestions for treating Omicron.

Post viral fatigue is not a new phenomenon. It has been around causing non-specific symptoms that are hard to treat for a while. It is also something that may be dismissed by conventional doctors, with sufferers being told it’s all in their head and they just need to get on with it. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia both fall in this bracket, and also both disproportionately affect women.

Homeopathy has always looked at symptoms of “Never Been Well Since” and long Covid, and other post viral fatigue syndromes absolutely fall into that category.

Before discussing Homeopathic remedies that may help, let’s look at some other modalities.

Conventional medicine does not have a lot to offer for long Covid/ post viral fatigue. This discussion from the ME association has some self management techniques and more information:

Lifestyle measures include:

*Reducing stress as much as possible.

*Making sure you get enough sleep, as this is important for recovery from illness and to support the immune system.

*Diet changes to avoid alcohol, sugar, refined carbohydrates. Therapeutic fasting may also be of benefit here, but again see a Health Professional to discuss how to do this safely in your personal situation.

*Limiting activity, doing less than you think you can, to avoid getting tired.

Naturopathy has more to offer.

There are many supplements that may help, I have listed only a few below as otherwise this post would be way too long. For best results I recommend seeing a Naturopath so you can take the right supplements for you at the right dose.

*Medicinal mushrooms, for brain function and fatigue.

*Astragalus, which is an adaptogen and supports adrenal function and dealing with stress.

*Coenzyme Q10, an important nutrient that helps the mitochondria which are the powerhouse of the cell.

*NAC/Glutathione to support the liver and detoxing.

*Probiotics and prebiotics, because the gut is the foundation, for our neurotransmitters, for our immunity and for health.

*Magnesium and Zinc, both contributing to so many pathways in the body.

*As well as essential vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Vitamin B12.

There are many homeopathic remedies that can help with post viral fatigue. Often there will be multiple remedies needed to help recover, and the best results come from working with a qualified Homeopath. Here are a few homeopathic remedies that may be used include (but are not limited to):

The Nosode of the virus that you haven’t recovered from – so for Long Covid, the Covid nosode CV19, JVP or the combination remedy Spoke. This is most effective when used in combination with other remedies that fit the picture of what is going on.

Gelsemium is a remedy for fatigue with heaviness, arms and legs feel heavy, even eyelids may feel heavy like you can’t keep them open. Trembling is a big part of the picture as well, with weakness with a h exertion. Physically diarrhoea, and headaches, and there may be lots of urination even though you are not particularly thirsty. Gelsemium is known as a remedy for grief, shock or anticipation, so if there was a traumatic or stressful event around the time you became sick this would indicate Gelsemium.

China Officinalis is a remedy for exhaustion and fatigue after illness or loss of fluids. As well as weakness, digestive upsets and headaches can be part of the picture. There may be a periodic coming and going- you feel you are finally getting better only next day to plunge back into the exhaustion, or even feel better in the morning only to get worse again at the same time each day. China is also worse for cold, or cold damp weather, and worse in the Autumn. You may be both sensitive, and irritable, and feel like the world is a hostile place to be.

Phosphoric Acid is a favourite remedy of mine, for burnout after prolonged stress or times of heightened emotions. Stress, and feeling overwhelmed lead to feelings of apathy, depression, and indifference- no desire to do anything, would rather just stay home and watch TV. Phosphoric Acid also has the exhaustion and weakness, and may also have vertigo and dizziness and brain fog where you are slow to answer because the brain is just a bit confused and slow.

If you have been suffering from long Covid, post viral fatigue, chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia and would like to look at how Homeopathy can support you please send me a message. This is not a quick fix, and will usually take time to improve and recover, but Homeopathy can make a big difference.

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