Barbara Roberts, Homeopath

My experiences with Homeopathy for World Homeopathy Awareness Week

Day two: recurrent ear infections.

When my eldest was born I had just about finished my foundation year at the Bay of Plenty College of Homeopathy. I only intended to do that one year when I enrolled, but then I was on maternity leave, and loving the learning and the different health paradigm that I enrolled for year 2 and the Diploma of Homeopathy.

When my baby girl was around 6 months old, she had an ear infection. I honestly don’t remember how I treated that ear infection, I would have used homeopathic remedies, but I do recall going to the Doctor. I also remember her getting a second, and a third ear infection.

At this point I knew I had to do something. My husband had had grommets from recurrent ear infections, and I did not want to travel that road if I could avoid it.

Budding second year student I decided to treat this chronic condition (recurring ear infections) myself. I would like to add that this was not something the College encouraged, and if it hadn’t worked I would have taken her to a Homeopath.

I looked at our family history- my husband with his recurrent ear infections, and my history of childhood asthma (which I fortunately grew out of). There were also other characteristics on my side of the family that led me to the remedy Tuberculinum.

Tuberculinum is a remedy for inherited tendency to disease, there may be a history of upper respiratory tract infections, asthma or other lung conditions.

She had one dose, and never had another ear infection. More than 11 years later she is still incredibly healthy and has a high resilience to respiratory tract and other infections.

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