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Ovulation: the period post 2 of 3

Yesterday’s post was about dysmenorrhea, pain during the period. Today we are moving on through the cycle to ovulation.

Prior to ovulation there is a small surge in Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and a big spike in Luteinising Hormone (LH).

The follicle is formed in the ovary with an ovum inside. With the surge in hormones this follicle moves to the outside of the ovary and the ovum is released into thee Fallopian tube.

With ovulation comes the potential of getting pregnant. Sperm can live for 7 days, but the egg, once released only lives for around 48 hours. This makes the fertile “window” around 7 days before ovulation to 2 days afterwards. Natural family planning or the Billing’s Method teach how to track changes in cervical mucus and other signs to track fertile periods (whether for the purpose of conceiving or for avoiding conception). We cannot talk about fertility without mentioning infertility, as this is a heartbreaking, yet often silent burden that some women carry. It is often multifactorial and sometimes completely unexplained. I have read cases where Homeopathy has helped with infertility, but I expect usually it will be part of a multi pronged approach, and help support through ups and downs associated with this.

For some, ovulation comes with other symptoms like pain or cramping. If this is every month a constitutional remedy to work on this is advised but for acute home treatment you could look at:

Belladonna – right sided ovarian pain, sudden and intense, may go as quickly as it comes.

Lachesis – left sided ovarian pain, can be sharp or shooting. Tight clothing may be uncomfortable and pain is worse in the morning on waking.

Chamomilla – excruciating pain, may make them call out. Irritable and intolerant.

Medorrhinum – ovarian pain worst left side, or may go side to side. There may also be recurrent BV or thrush.

These are but a few remedies. If recurring ovulation pain is a problem then a constitutional treatment will support the body to return to balance.

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