Barbara Roberts, Homeopath


Pulsatilla Nigracans is an old and well known remedy and a staple in my Homeopathic kit.

Pulsatilla is probably best known for its mental emotional picture. Weepy and tearful, better for consolation. These are the children who need comfort, not just weeping but they may whinge and moan and need physical contact to calm down. Pulsatilla feels better for company. May be afraid of being alone, and a fear of the dark is common.

They are known for changeable symptoms, whether it be moods, cold symptoms or bowel motions.

With colds, upper respiratory infections, coughs, earaches, conjunctivitis, the keynote is bland yellow discharges. Whether this is yellow snot, thick yellow phlegm being coughed up, if the ear drum has ruptured there may be bland yellow discharge, or a thick, but bland, yellow conjunctivitis discharge. This thick, bland, yellow discharge makes it a must have for babies with the blocked tear ducts, and in small children with conjunctivitis. I find it more effective than Chloramphenicol eye drops, and it is also allowing the body to heal itself instead of using an antibacterial which means conjunctivitis can reoccur.

Pulsatilla can also be useful with vascular complaints, especially anything with pregnancy, and can help with haemorrhoids and varicose veins.

Often thought of as a women’s remedy (although can be used for men with the appropriate symptoms) it has a lot of symptoms around hormonal times- puberty, periods, pregnancy and menopause. When there is changeable moods, especially with tears. Other symptoms can be changeable too, but generally better outside and worse in stuffy rooms.

Nausea, whether morning sickness or motion sickness is seen in Pulsatilla. Again worse in a stuffy room or car and better outside in the fresh air.

With food they are worse for pork and and pork fat, even the smell may make them feel sick especially in early pregnancy. I remember being pregnant and having a Homeopath lecturing about Pulsatilla and talking about pork and pork fat, it was enough to send me running to the toilet! It is not all fats though, they often love butter, peanut butter and desserts.

Have you used Pulsatilla? What have you found it helpful for?

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