Barbara Roberts, Homeopath

Rescue Kitten

A couple of weeks ago it was bucketing with rain, my husband’s flight was cancelled so I had to drive out to the airport to collect him.

I got to the top of the road and there was a tiny kitten on the road. I stopped and got out to pick it up, and it ran under my car and disappeared. A tourist couple had also stopped and we looked for it and couldn’t find it, so I went out to the airport and drove home. About an hour later I heard a faint miaow – and my cats don’t sound like that so I went to investigate and saw a tiny kitten. She got a fright and ran back inside my engine.

I popped the bonnet and pulled her out, biting and hissing, she was a terribly frightened but fierce little thing.

Once she had calmed down I checked her over, and she fortunately had no visible injuries, but was pretty skinny. I gave her some Arnica for shock and trauma (and in case there were injuries I couldn’t see) and fed her, keeping her separate from my cats while I worked.

(I also took some Ledum for the bites on my fingers, she got me good!)

My kids were absolutely delighted to have a kitten – although I did warn them she wouldn’t be staying, I had found a home that she could go to on the weekend.

The next day little kitten had developed some diarrhoea – probably the change of diet to meat. I got some kitten milk, but also treated her with Arsenicum and Aloe Soc, both remedies for diarrhoea. After several doses she was much better, and we repeated a few times after some smelly farts, and her stools returned to normal.

After this she also came out of her shell and turned into a playful and exploring kitten – even having a hissing standoff with one of my 2 year old cats when she ventured out of a room when I wasn’t looking, and my cat retreated. 😂

She was happy and thriving when she went to her new home the next day.

Homeopathy is one of those things that I love because I know there is always something I can do. It is awesome to treat animals and see them respond so readily and have such great results. I am also intending to donate some remedies to Bay of Islands Animal Rescue and discuss with them how to use them so that other rescue animals can get the benefit of Homeopathy.

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