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I had a nice clinical sounding post written about Sepia. But I just can’t do it. I’ve had one of those weeks- to be fair, back to school and my youngest starting daycare tomorrow, with Waitangi Day and a day off today. It means my kids are fractious (and yes, having their own homeopathic treatment). They’re getting on my nerves, I’m irritable, and I just want everyone to go away and leave me alone. Except I don’t really want to be alone, I just want some peace, not having to deal with everyone else’s problems. I would really like to read my book and relax.

The remedy I need is Sepia.

Sepia is the cuttlefish.

This remedy is commonly used for women and hormonal complaints.

There are a number of facets to this remedy. One is “indifference to family”. This can be seen as having had enough, just wanting them to go away – a need for space. In today’s world, this is not unusual for many mothers who put their children first and lose their sense of identity. As well as that feeling there can be resentment, particularly resentment towards their husband or partner, perhaps for freedoms that he (or she) may have. They are very sad, don’t want to be alone and can be anxious towards the evening.

This is a good remedy post childbirth, especially if there is any feeling of prolapse. You can have a bearing down sensation or a feeling like you must cross your legs to stop everything falling out.

There can be cold sores, they may be hormonal related. Ring worm is another skin condition that can be helped with Sepia. Restless, jerking legs at night can also be seen. A dry, tiring, repetitive cough is also part of the picture.

Sepia is worse in the evenings. If you were doubting it’s reputation as a remedy for worn out Mums, one of my old texts also says they are worse for washing and laundry work (and my clean washing is still sitting in a laundry basket 🤷‍♀️). Sepia is also better for exercise, warmth of bed, and after sleep.

On that note, I’m heading to bed. After a dose of Sepia and some sleep no doubt I’ll be a more understanding and less irritable Mum tomorrow. Please comment if you have had any experience with Sepia.

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