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Sleep part 2

Homeopathic Remedies for Insomnia

Yesterday we looked at some of the environmental factors and other health factors that could be contributing to insomnia, and some things you can do about it.

Today I want to talk about homeopathic remedies. Before we get started, I want to remind you of the important differences between homeopathy and conventional or herbal medicine. In Homeopathy we are looking for the individual remedy that best matches what is happening with you. One way we find this is by looking for PRS symptoms, which stands for peculiar, rare or strange symptoms. In a homeopathic consultation if you start a sentence with”it’s really strange, but…” your homeopath will be pricking up their ears to hear the clue to the remedy.

This does mean that for insomnia it’s not as easy as saying “take this”. In the repertory I use there are 883 remedies listed for sleeplessness. So if you don’t have joy with one remedy, it’s likely there is another that is a better fit.

Aconite – “for fear and fright at midnight, think Aconite” when there is anxiety or panic waking you, Aconite can help calm down and get back to sleep

Aranea Tela – made from spider webs for some it works very effectively as a mild sedative taken at bedtime.

Arsenicum Album – a very anxious person, or may worry about having everything perfect or plans in place. Often they are very tired and lacking energy, but can’t fall asleep, or when they do fall asleep it is restless and broken.

Coffea – the hyped up feeling from too much coffee, when the brain won’t calm down is your indication for Coffea.

Nux Vomica – waking at 3am is an indication for this remedy, and they are irritable. A good remedy for waking after eating too much rich food or overindulging in alcohol.

Valeriana – herbally used as a sedative this has a similar effect homeopathically and I prescribe this in 12c to help calm and promote sleep.

If you don’t find your self selected remedy effective then it is possible there is a better choice I have not listed. Also, a constitutional remedy often will help with the root cause of the insomnia which makes a huge difference.

Come back tomorrow to learn about supplements that may help.

If you would like help and support with your insomnia, addressing lifestyle, homeopathy and supplements message me for a consultation so we can get to the root cause. Depending on the nature of your situation it may take several consultations to address.

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