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Sol ☀️

This is the remedy made from
Sunlight- and there are a couple of different forms, Sol Britannica which is sunlight from Britain, Northern Hemisphere and Sol Australis, from Australia, Southern hemisphere. Most of the written information is about Sol Britannica, although Phillip Robins noted in his proving document that he had also done a proving of Sol Australis which had similar symptoms but more intense. The increased intensity shouldn’t come as a surprise as we have a large hole in our ozone layer and the summer sun that we get is very intense.

The main reason I use this is isopathic or tautopathic- using the same substance that causes the symptoms to treat them. By this I mean using Sol for exposure to the sun, either as a preventative, or a treatment for the adverse effects of too much sun.

In my family we try to avoid the hottest part of the day and therefore not need to use sunscreen, but if we will be out all day Sol is an important part of our routine and we will repeat several times through the day. How often you need to take it will vary between people- someone who is very fair will need to take it more frequently than someone with olive toned or darker skin.

It is also useful if you do slip up and end up red, hot and sunburnt. My daughter recently got sunstroke from a day out sailing in the sun. A combination of Belladonna and Sol given when she got home and again the following day, in addition to fluids, had her back to normal by the afternoon.

Homeopathic remedies though can have a much deeper action. Let’s look beyond this use of Sol for Sun, and what else is in the full picture of the remedy. It is considered part of the Universal Kingdom, which has themes beyond that of an individual, like infinity and eternity, links to the higher self, integration and dissolution, the spirit and the soul, as well as polarity of perfection or destruction.

For Sol, and other cosmic remedies there is a theme of blockages and flow. Things obstructing their life energy. Sol helps bring connection with the true self and open the path to following their life purpose. One prover commented that by evening they felt like getting things done they had put off for weeks.

The negative side of Sol is that they feel detached, disconnected or even closed off. There may be a fear of losing themselves, or a deep depression. It is a remedy I would consider in winter for SAD- Seasonal Affective Disorder, where the gloom of winter and a lack of sunlight brings depression.

Sol has a male or a Yang energy, they are assertive, and have a drive to work and will complete tasks logically and methodically.

Insomnia is strong in the remedy picture, and they can have an overactive mind with waking between 2-4am. Frequent waking at night to urinate is also in the Sol picture.

Physically there is a polarity around appetite- either a lack of appetite (although they still have plenty of energy) or an increased, even ravenous appetite. With this they may have acid reflux or stomach pain, particularly in the evening. They may desire alcohol, or beer but this can cause burping or farting. They can also have a lot of bloating.

There can be arthritic pains in joints, and muscle aches like those from lactic acid after too much exercise.

Headaches are felt in the forehead over or around the eyes with a dull pain.

There are other physical symptoms mentioned in the proving, but the above characteristics were the strongest in the proving, and particularly make sense when thinking of summer activities and time in the sun.

If you haven’t already, try Sol for summer to reduce your need for sunscreen. I use a 30c before exposure and repeat every couple of hours- but Homeopathy is individual and you may need more or less frequent dosing depending on your skin and susceptibility to the sun. If very fair a higher potency like 200c for less frequent dosing may be appropriate. If you make your own sunscreen you could consider adding a few drops of liquid Sol to your cream – make sure to do so at the end and not to heat the remedy.

I hope you have a fantastic summer and enjoy the sun without consequences! ☀️🏖️😎🌴🌻

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