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Spanish Flu Epidemic

For those of you who like history.

The Spanish Flu has been brought up numerous times with this latest pandemic. It was a world tragedy, with estimates of 500 million people (1/3 of the worlds population) catching the flu, and 50 million people dying from it. In New Zealand an estimated 9000 people died of the Spanish Flu, schools and workplaces were shut down and events cancelled to try and mitigate the spread.

The statistics were grim. There was a small benefit to those who were sick of being in an “open air ward”, having plenty of fresh air and sunlight, but many hospitals were over run.

Enter the Homeopathic Doctors. At that time in America there was a proliferation of Homeopathic Doctors and Homeopathic Medical schools. Most of the statistics come from reports from Homeopaths at that time, it wasn’t recorded elsewhere. It is also important to note that medicine was fairly crude. Many patients only had aspirin, quinine or toxic compounds like mercury as treatment. Homeopathically treated patients had a fatality rate of around 1% in Philadelphia, compared to up to 30% for conventionally treated patients.

If you would like more information, this article is even more in depth:

Times have changed and improved.

This pandemic is also different, the fatality rate appears to be less than 0.5%, and it disproportionately affects those with chronic conditions and over 65s. This contrasts to the 1918 epidemic which killed large numbers of adults aged 20-40.

Medicine has largely improved and our mortality rates for most conditions have gone down, with a corresponding increase in life expectancy. We also have better general nutrition meaning our baseline health is better and we have access to supplements that boost the required nutrients in times of stress or illness.

Homeopathy still has a place though, but one difference is that the profession is more marginalised than it was in 1918 in the western world, and we have to be careful about what we say- this will be a post for another day, but in short we cannot claim to “cure” or “treat” disease.

Reports from Homeopaths supporting people with Covid-19 found most recovered rapidly with common remedies like Gelsemium, Bryonia, Arsenicum Album, Nux Vomica, Phosphorus and Eupatorium Perforatum. These are all common ‘flu’ remedies, those that many people have in their home kits, and ones that can be bought directly from a Homeopathic dispensary such as Simillimum in Wellington, Selene in Tauranga, Lincoln Mall Pharmacy in Auckland, as well as from many conventional Pharmacies and Health shops. You can read my indications for each remedy here: or if you have a book with a therapeutics section that should discuss influenza remedies.

As with most conditions, early treatment provides a better response, and if you are suspecting you have Covid-19 or another illness get in touch with a Health Professional. Covid-19 is a notifiable disease in New Zealand, and if they suspect that is what you have they are legally obliged to inform you to get tested for Covid-19.

Please get in touch if you need help. I do acute consultations, as do many other Homeopaths, and you also can contact for access to a Homeopath at any time of the day or night, they have Homeopaths from around the world available at all hours for acute appointments.

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