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Sugar – the remedies

Yesterday I talked a bit about sugar and the effect in the body. Today I want to discuss the sugar remedies, as there are a few of them, and then I will talk about the remedy I use most. 

There are two main forms of sugar – that from Sugar Cane (which is the form of sugar that Chelsea Sugar Works imports over a hundred thousand metric tonnes of each year), and sugar made from Sugar Beet, which is primarily grown in the Northern Hemisphere. 

As such there are different remedies: 

Saccharum officinale, which is raw sugar from the sugar cane. 

Saccharum Album, white sugar from sugar cane. 

Beta vulgaris, the sugar beet. 

Saccharum raffinatum betae, white sugar from sugar beet. 

There are also other sugar remedies: 

Saccharum Lactis is lactose, or milk sugar. Interestingly, “sac lac” is also what the unmedicated tablets are called, and sometimes in the past if a placebo remedy was given it would just be sac lac. 

Poly Sugars is the combination remedy from Ton Jansen’s Homeopathic Detox Therapy and contains Glucose, Fructose and Maltose. 

I would be remiss if I did not also talk about the Narayani combination Blood Sugar Balance 50M.  This is a background remedy for people who struggle with blood sugar levels, or who are tired and exhausted. Swami Narayani states that many people need this because emotions and stress affect the pancreas and spleen. It contains the homeopathic remedies Alfalfa, Iris versicolor, Natrum Sulph, Syzygium and Urtica Urens, as well as organ remedies ACTH, Duodenum, Glucagon, Insulin, Islets of Langerhans, Pancreatin, Pancreas, Pancreatic juice and Vagus Nerve. She recommends it three times daily to balance, and I have used this with clients who are struggling with feeling weak or shaky in between meals and who need to eat frequently. 

Now let’s talk about Saccharum Officinale. This is the remedy I use primarily as sugar cane is the form of sugar we use in New Zealand. Homeopathically we work on the basis of “like treats like” not “same treats same”, so even though it is not necessarily the same form of sugar that you might be eating, in my experience I have found it effective. Other Homeopaths may prefer Saccharum Album, or use a different remedy entirely.

One of the main things I see in someone (often a child) who needs Saccharum acutely, is an aggravation after having too many sweets or sugar-filled foods. They can become hyperactive, sometimes aggressive, and then they will crash when the sugar high wears off. They have a desire for more sweets or simple carb foods, and even if they usually have a good balanced diet they can be picky and refuse to eat anything else. 

They are irritable and will even pick a fight just for the sake of it, especially because they are unable to keep themselves occupied.They may feel like they are always picked on or criticised. They can be restless and will find it difficult to sit down and concentrate on anything. 

They can have a ravenous appetite, even soon after eating will be hungry for more. If they’re not eating frequently they may be weak, dizzy or even have a headache, and when hungry they can be irritable and easily angered.

They’re much better in the evening, and will be irritable in the morning and have difficulty waking and getting up. 

Some of the physical symptoms include allergic-like sneezing, nasal discharge and swelling of the eyelids. They can have a pressing pain in the stomach before breakfast, and constipation alternating with diarrhoea. 

Tinus Smits and Mangialavori also have found in clinic it is useful for ailments from grief, neglect or lack of affection and disappointed love. 

If Saccharum Officinale is a remedy you need in your toolkit before Christmas, there is still time to get some. Send me a message and I can send it out to you. 

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