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Summer holiday remedy kit

14 Remedies you might like to have on hand this summer


Christmas in New Zealand means summer- and our sun is harsh, the risk of sunburn is high. Sol (Australia) is the remedy made from the exposure to the Southern Hemisphere’s sun (use Sol Britannia in the Northern Hemisphere). You can use this to reduce your risk of sun burn, or after sun burn to promote healing.

In my family we try to avoid the hottest part of the day and therefore not need to use sunscreen, but if we will be out all day Sol is an important part of our routine and we will repeat several times through the day. How often you need to take it will vary between people- someone who is very fair will need to take it more frequently than someone with olive toned or darker skin.

Nux Vomica

This is the poison nut, and symptoms you see include upset stomach, nausea with wanting to vomit but can’t, and constipation. Irritability and anger is also a big part of this remedy.

Not only to support the body with those things, Nux Vomica can also be taken with any overindulgence- whether it is too much Christmas dinner making you nauseous, or you’ve been having a few too many beers at a barbecue with your mates, Nux Vomica can support your body processing the excess food and alcohol to reduce discomfort and hangovers.


This is an essential remedy in my everyday life for those times when I haven’t had enough sleep, and I’m feeling irritable and over sensitive to everything. Great for jet lag with a lack of sleep, for anyone with young children waking them up in the night, or if you lose sleep for any other reason.

As well as that, Cocculus is a fantastic remedy for travel sickness, where the constant motion causes nausea.


Unfortunately the mosquitos, sandflies and midges like to nibble on me, and I often forget to put insect repellant on. Ledum is a great remedy for after insect bites especially if there is swelling but it is cold to the touch (if lots of swelling and hot think Apis- watch out for tomorrow’s post). Likewise you can bruises that are quite blue and cold to touch.

As well as insect bites Ledum is our “anti tetanus” remedy, and can be taken when you get a puncture wound.


This remedy is made from the honey bee, so is excellent for bee stings. As well as that any bite or allergic reaction that is very swollen, hot and better for cold applications.

Apis can also be used for burns – like stings and bites they are hot, red, better for cold applications.


This is St Johns Wort, and is fantastic for nerve pains or injuries to areas rich in nerves- think your coccyx (tail bone), or crushed fingers.

It also shines in tooth ache – there have been cases where the nerve of a tooth the dentists said was dead has revitalised with Hypericum part of the remedies and supplements used. If you are seeing a dentist and will be having anaesthetic though, wait til after the appointment.


This is made from marigold, and can be taken orally as well as used topically. Calendula promotes healing of the skin so is fantastic for surface wounds and grazes.

For deeper wounds use HyperCal— a combination of Hypericum and Calendula, Hypericum helps heal the deep wound and Calendula can knit it back together on the surface. The Hypercal lotion is often recommended after childbirth if you have torn, whether or not stitches were required.


Many people, even those who know nothing of Homeopathy have heard of Arnica. It shines for bruises.

Topically you can apply Arnica cream after an injury, but only if the skin is not broken.

My preference though is for oral use. Taken after an accident or injury it supports the body through feelings of shock as well as decreasing swelling and bruising.

Arnica has another useful ability- although it needs to be used sparingly. It can help boost your energy when you’re exhausted. Recommended to take every two hours while doing long haul plane travel, but for exhaustion at home it can help too though. It’s not free energy though, you will still have to rest and make up this boost later.

Carbo veg.

Vegetable Charcoal. The old books state this is for “high foods and rich living” – so if you have overindulged a big at the Christmas table, then this may be the remedy for you. You may have bloating and either burping or flatulence. You can be so bloated feeling that you don’t want any clothing covering your abdomen. There’s a definite feeling of not enough air in the room, and better for cool air.


Deadly nightshade, in its raw form it produces heat, redness and dilated eyes, so homeopathically we use it for fevers with red, flushed cheeks and glassy-looking, wide eyes.

As well as fevers Belladonna can support the body with healing from burns and sunburn, especially when hot, dry and red. They are often thirsty for cold water.

It can also be of value in sunstroke, where as well as redness, dry heat and thirst, they may have a throbbing headache.


Food safety is paramount in summer. But if you do eat something a little dodgy and have food poisoning, then Arsenicum is the remedy to help you through it. Arsenicum has nausea, and vomiting and there may be burning pains, as well as offensive smelling diarrhoea.

The other reason you might have Arsenicum on hand is for anxiety- if you are anxious and stressing about Christmas- a trigger for many people, then Arsenicum can help take the edge off and calm the worry. People needing Arsenicum also tend to be restless and are unable to sit still.

Rhus Tox

Poison Ivy, this can cause a very red, itchy rash. The person also tends to be restless. Rhus Tox is commonly recommended in Chicken Pox, when the fluid filled vesicles are very itchy.

As well as skin, Rhus Tox can support joint health. Commonly used in osteoporosis, joints are worse initially, then get better with movement, until you overdo it when they’re worse again. For younger adults and children it can still be fantastic for sprains, strains and over use of joints.


‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all round the house, children are too excited to go to bed! If there is too much energy and too much brain activity happening, Coffea may help calm things down. This includes those children who wake at 3am and then can’t go back to sleep because it’s too exciting!

Adults, too can be sleepless from irritability or excitement, and may have racing thoughts which just do not calm down. If you overdose on coffee and have a reaction this may well be the remedy for you.


Christmas can be an emotional time, dealing with families, being in a different space or having other people in your space, and a big change in routine.

If you find yourself or your children weepy,

emotional and clingy, then Pulsatilla may help balance those emotions. There

may be fears that can only be helped with the presence of Mum or Dad, they are better for company.

Pulsatilla can also be very changeable, whether it be cold symptoms, bowel motions or moods.

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