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The Land of Magic Medicines and Imponderable Remedies

I read to my children every night, it’s my individual time with each of my three children, and a great way for me to not only pass on my love of reading, but time to re-read those books I loved and discover new ones.

Miss 9 and I recently finished reading Enid Blyton’s Faraway Tree trilogy. For those of you who have not read it, the Faraway Tree in the Enchanted Wood has people living in its trunk, and at the top of the tree is a ladder which goes up to different lands. The lands change, and the children and their friends in the tree have lots of different adventures. One such land they visited was the Land of Magic Medicines.

In the Land of Magic Medicines you can find a potion for everything- making bad legs strong again, giving you shining, smiling eyes, or making your nose grow. There were also pills for making short people tall. They were “made of big things – the shadow of a mountain – the height of a tree – the crash of a thunderstorm – things like that – and they have the power to make anything or anyone grow.”

Now Homeopathy does not have the power to make short people grow tall, but we do have some remedies made from “imponderables” or things you can’t physically touch. Here are some of my favourites, and a few that sound like they belong in the Land of Magic Medicines:

Sol – this is made from sunlight. There are actually two versions, Sol Britannica and Sol Australis, and we use Sol Australis in New Zealand to help prevent sunburn when in the sun for long periods, and it can also be used to treat sunburn.

Electricitas – made from electricity, this has a wide action, helping with exposure to EMF, or static electricity, as well as cold and flu like symptoms and anxiety. (I recently posted about this, which you can find here )

Colour remedies – there are remedies Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Turquoise, Indigo, Magenta, Pink and Spectrum which is all of the colours. Different colours correspond to different chakras and they have differing physical and mental emotional effects. Green has been quite useful in a couple of vaccine injury cases with heart or lung reactions.

Now a few I haven’t used:

Luna – makes sense that with a sunlight remedy, there would also be a moonlight remedy. They can be sad and irritable, worse at the full moon. There are also a lot of menstrual symptoms, and difficulty sleeping or horrible dreams.

Lightning (fulgurite) – formed by lightning hitting sand, the fulgurite remedy has sensations of heat, burning, pressure and sharp pains that come on suddenly and intensely- like being hit by lightning. “The light side of Fulgurite is colourful and vibrant, with intense feeling of liberation and release. The dark side is one of feeling lonely and abandoned. There is intense itching.”

Positronium – antimatter, which is an electron and a positron together. There was a big theme of annhilation and destruction in the proving. There were feelings of heavy weight and restriction, and either clarity of mind or confusion.

Time – this was made using a high powered centrifuge- to mimic Einstein’s theory of time as a 4th dimension where at high speed and high gravity time is slower. The proving had a lot of “what if” questions, and changes in personality and communication, extreme sensitivity, and being in their own world, with the suggestion it would be good for Schizophrenia.

Would we find Homeopathy in the Land of Magic Medicines? Quite possibly. I can’t count the number of times I have seen it work or had a client tell me it was like Magic. And speaking of magic, if you haven’t seen the movie Magic Pills then it is well worth watching –

On a completely unrelated note to medicines (but part of the story), I would be delighted if there was a Dame Washalot who would take all my washing and be happy to do it for me. It’s one of those never ending jobs. Sigh.

If you have children and you haven’t yet explored The Magic Faraway Tree Trilogy I can highly recommend it 😊

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