Barbara Roberts, Homeopath


One of the most important things for healing is time. Whether it is time to work through something emotionally, or the physical time to heal, we need to allow time for the process.

While Homeopathy can support the process of healing, and speed things up in cases, we still need to allow time.

These days life is busy, there is a lot of pressure externally and also often internally from ourselves, to be better, to be back at work, or undertaking commitments, and not enough emphasis on slowing down and giving ourselves space to heal.

Last week I had the flu. It came on suddenly, with fever and chills, body aches and headache. I self treated and then asked for help from colleagues and took remedies. The next day my physical discomfort was gone, but my energy was low. I chose to take it easy – not just for a couple of days, but for nearly a week. This meant being careful not to overdo things, napping in the afternoons, going to bed early, and being conscious about what I could do.

It also involved asking for help, telling people I had been sick and setting boundaries, discussing with my children what I could do and why, and scaling back plans to make them less taxing.

We also need to allow time for the remedies to work. When there has been a deep seated trauma or long standing illness, even the right remedy may take time to work through. Some remedies even have a reputation for being slow to act- like Alumina, which is a remedy for slow sluggish conditions and can itself be slow to stimulate the vital force. In other cases the potency can affect the time, with a recent discussion in a homeopathic group about very high potencies (10M and above) having effects for at least three months.

Whether or not you are using homeopathy or other modalities, please allow yourself time to heal. On your terms. You do not need to follow someone else’s timetable, as long as you are making progress, even if it is taking time, then be kind to yourself and allow the process of healing to unfold. If you get stuck, are not improving mentally, emotionally or physically, then it is time to seek help.

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