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Trust the Process

This post is a contrast to yesterday’s post about following the symptoms, and is about how sometimes you need to let things play out.

The beginning of this term my 6 year old came home on Monday with sore nostrils and was rubbing them a lot- but no runny nose. Still I gave him Arsenicum Album as a single dose (as he has had this symptom before) and he went to school again the next day.

Tuesday he came home from school and was fine, but then coughed through the night. I don’t Homeopath well at 2am, so I gave him a combination remedy, Narayani CCA for a few doses which did calm the cough enough for us to sleep, but when still coughing on Wednesday morning, school was a no go.

I have supplements that we use occasionally, so I dosed him up with vitamin C, Prospan cough mixture, Artemis Childrens Virogone and a combination Tissue Salt for coughs and colds.

Wednesday is my jobs day so he hung out with me, and late morning when the cough was back, with an annoying tickle, and dry coughing in short bursts regularly I gave him a single dose of Phosphorus 200c.

Later that afternoon, he coughed several times and it sounded wet and full of mucus. At this stage I could have rushed in with another remedy – and if the wet cough had continued and was a change of symptoms I may have, but the cough was only a few times and then not repeated.

He then fell asleep on the couch, and slept for an hour and a half. Woke a bit warmer than normal, but not much of a fever, and then didn’t want dinner. He went to bed early.

He slept through the night, waking once for some water, and woke up 12 hours later like a box of birds, full of energy and noise! We had thought that he wouldn’t be going to school on Thursday, but he was completely better, full of energy, and no symptoms.

This example is one of letting the remedy take time, and allowing the body to heal. My post yesterday was about following the symptoms, but that is when symptoms are consistent and are a change in remedy picture. In this case Phosphorus can have a wet chesty cough also, and fatigue, so it was a case of waiting and allowing the body to come back to balance.

We see this also with fevers, when you give a remedy and the fever does not change, but the child feels better in themselves and goes from miserable to happy playing. The body has an innate intelligence and knows what it needs to heal- and in the case of a fever it is there to burn out the intruders, increase the immune cells being released to destroy the invading pathogens.

The caveat to this is don’t disregard your intuition. If your gut feeling is that something isn’t right, ask for help, see a health professional. Don’t dismiss those feelings because you want to let the body heal itself, your intuition is picking up on cues that you may not physically see and deserves to be listened to, not ignored.

If at any stage you are not sure, contact a Homeopath for help. Trust the process, allow the remedy time to work (ie wait), but if you need extra support you don’t have to do this alone.

There is a fantastic group for home users called Homeopathy at Home – NZ that you can join. It is run by friends of mine, Jessie Coleman and Kate Fitness, has useful snippets about remedies and therapeutics, and is a place to ask questions and learn more.

If you need support from a professional, you can message me for an acute consult, or you can contact a New Zealand Homeopath at The New Zealand council of Homeopaths.

If you are needing help on a weekend, evening, or even the middle of the night, you can talk to a Homeopath at any time at Homeopathy 24-7

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