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What Vitamin C is best?

I sometimes get asked this question, as I recommend Vitamin C for coughs, colds, and any infection. Vitamin C has been shown to be useful in sepsis, and may help with some cancers, as well as being under investigation for some chronic diseases. It is an essential co factor for many enzymatic pathways, and directly supports immune function stimulating the production and function of leukocytes (white blood cells).

Most mammals can synthesise Vitamin C in their body, but humans are unable to do so, and so need to get it from dietary sources, or supplements.

There are several types of Vitamin C you can get in supplements.

Sodium Ascorbate

Ascorbic Acid

Calcium Ascorbate

Lypospheric Vitamin C

(And there can be other types of mineral Ascorbate, but these are the ones I have seen in NZ)

The Ascorbate is the important part. Sodium Ascorbate is sometimes called “buffered vitamin C” as it is more gentle on the stomach than Ascorbic Acid. However, if you are on a sodium restricted diet (as directed by your doctor) you may need to avoid this. Calcium Ascorbate is sometimes called esterified vitamin C, and is reputed to last longer than Sodium Ascorbate or Ascorbic Acid. However, when you are ill you need to take Vitamin C frequently and that amount of calcium, in that form, without a good ratio of magnesium and vitamin D is not able to be properly absorbed and utilised and is not good for you.

Lypospheric Vitamin C is the new craze. Vitamin C, encapsulated in fat molecules to optimise absorption. This is absorbed differently to other Ascorbate, so does not have the gut side effects at high doses. It is also much more readily bioavailable, so a smaller mg dose gives a much bigger effect.

So which to take? Especially with kids who can be fussy.

I take, and give my kids Sodium Ascorbate (powder from iHerb), which my 2 year old loves and the other two tolerate. Lypo C I take when I’m sick, as does my Husband, but my kids aren’t too fond of it. I also have 500mg or 1000mg Vitamin C tablets (whatever is on special and tastes ok) which two of my kids like and the other only tolerates and takes because I can put them in her lunch box. Vitamin C tablets are often a mix of Ascorbic Acid and Sodium Ascorbate.

Frankly, whatever kids will take is worth giving- regularly, because it’s water soluble. So every 2-3 hours is best, in severe infections give it hourly and ease off when they start farting or get diarrhoea.

This picture is the Brands I currently have. I get the Sodium Ascorbate powder from iHerb, as the Clinicians one available here is flavoured and sweetened which I prefer not to have.

I prefer my lypospheric Vitamin C in a bottle unless I’m travelling and can’t refrigerate it to reduce waste from all those little packets.

The Vitamin C tablets varies depending on what’s on special. This one was from my local pharmacy.

Do you have any questions about Homeopathic remedies, supplements or medicines I can answer? Send me a message or comment here and I can post with an answer if I can help. If it’s outside my knowledge or research capabilities I may refer you elsewhere!

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