Barbara Roberts, Homeopath

Who Does the Healing?

I see people for all sorts of things, from emotional distress, to trauma, to physical complaints. I hold space while they share their life story and what their current challenges are, then I take that and prescribe a remedy to support them.

I do not heal them. Quite apart from the fact that it is illegal for me to claim to heal anything, I still would not claim to heal a person.

Healing is internal, it comes from within. The body always wants to return to homeostasis, it just can get stuck in a pattern that it has been wearing for too long.

As a Homeopath I am not not the one doing the healing, I just find a remedy. The remedy doesn’t heal either, it is just a nudge in the right direction and you do all the hard work.

When I see children for the first time, I always ask them what they know about homeopathy – and usually their parent has told them a bit about me asking lots of questions. Then I explain what I am doing by asking all the questions, that I take all of that information and use it to find a remedy to match what is happening to them, and that that remedy will not change who they are.

This is the important bit – a remedy does not change who you are at the core, but when there is a lot going on for you, you can lose your core self. The remedy is the reminder, this is what is happening for you, and then YOU, not the remedy, can polish up the rough edges and come back to balance.

Life is a journey, and healing is also a journey. There will be ups and downs, mountains you climb that are so difficult on the way up, and hurt in other ways on the way down. You may fall into a pothole, and have to clamber your way back out.

As a Homeopath, I am not taking your journey for healing, but I am there to support you when you’re part way up the mountain, you pause to look up and it seems impossible. A single step will move you forward and the remedy will support you in making that step- whether first you need to go sideways or even head down the mountain to find a different path in order to move back up.

Homeopathy may not be the only support on your journey to healing – physical therapies, herbal and integrative options, psychological tools, energy healing and other modalities all have their place and will help in different ways. The reason I love homeopathy though is the way it ties everything together – it takes physical, emotional and spiritual experiences, and instead of fitting you into a box, it matches your beautiful and unique picture to a substance in our world that has a similar picture. This remedy then resonates with your soul to allow for the further growth and movement forward on your journey.

If you are ready to take the next step in your healing, it is time to make an appointment with a Homeopath.

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