Barbara Roberts, Homeopath

Winter Survival Kit part 1

I’m back working in Pharmacy again, and the other day came across this “Winter Survival Kit”. Needless to say the brands on the front are not anywhere on my list of winter essentials, and do not feature in my household supplies. So here is a three part guide to what you might actually want for your winter survival kit. Part 1- Homeopathic remedies, Part 2- supplements and herbal remedies, and Part 3- Homeobotanical blends for Winter wellness.

Homeopathic Remedies for your Winter Survival Kit, for colds:

Aconite – this remedy may stave off a virus if you get it early enough, for first signs or in anticipation it is excellent, especially after exposure to a cold, dry wind. You may have the beginnings of a sore throat, frequent sneezing, thirst and restlessness at night.

Allium Cepa – sneezing with streaming eyes and nose that makes the nose and upper lip sore. Feel better in the open air.

Arsenicum Album – thin, watery discharge that irritates the nose and upper lip. Burning, painful throat better for hot drinks. Feel better indoors even though nose is stopped up.

Belladonna – sudden onset cold with a high fever, flushed face and skin feels dry and hot. Sore throat is bright red and worse on the right side. There may be a short, dry, tickling cough that can go all night.

Bryonia – bursting headache, dry, hard cough, dry lips and mouth but may have a watery discharge and stuffy nose. Very thirsty and irritable, wanting to be left alone and lie still.

Ferrum Phos – early stages of a cold, a fever but not as high as Belladonna. No definitive symptoms but useful in many colds.

Gelsemium – the kind of cold that comes on slowly and feel tired and exhausted, limbs are heavy and may have a dull headache. Lots of sneezing and a watery discharge, usually not thirsty.

Hepar Sulph – sore throat may feel like a splinter, and pain may extend to the ears when swallowing. Nasal discharge is yellow and cough can be chesty and have a thick yellow phlegm.

Natrum Muriaticum – colds that begin with sneezing and a nasal discharge like egg white. The nose becomes stopped to and there is a loss of smell and taste. A bursting headache and dry cough may also be part of the picture.

Nux Vomica – sneezing, nose running in the daytime and stuffed up at night. Throat is sore and they are generally irritable. Chilly and worse in the cold air.

Pulsatilla – later stages of the cold when discharge is thick and yellow. Nose is stuffed up at night and indoors, but may run in the open air. Better outdoors, they may have a fever but are not thirsty. Emotionally can be tearful and want sympathy.

While mostly in my winter survival kit I think of colds and viruses, for those with chill blains the cooler weather can mean itching and pain on fingers and toes. The following remedies may provide some relief.

Pulsatilla – chill Blains that are sore and inflamed and worse in a warm room with lots of itching.

Hamamelis – burning, itching and they may have a blue tinge

Hepar Sulph – extremely sensitive to touch and to the cold or draughts, better for being covered.

Borax – burning heat and redness, better for fresh air

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