Barbara Roberts, Homeopath


Anxiety looks different for different people. Unfortunately the fear, panic and uncertainty generated by Covid-19 is triggering anxiety for many people.

In my experience, Homeopathy is the most effective way at dealing with and reducing anxiety. Bach flower remedies can often help, and be something you can use in the moment to calm down.

Children get anxiety too. This may be the obvious separation anxiety. It can be a less obvious form- like various illnesses preventing them from going to school, behaviour issues or nightmares. I’ve used homeopathy successfully for all of those things.

Here is what one of my clients has to say:

“I’ve always had anxiety, and at times it can be overwhelming and crippling. I’ve tried so many things, none of which have really helped. I tried Homeopathy when I had no options left and I was desperate.

It was like actual magic. I couldn’t believe how fast it helped me to feel like me again! I’ve been using Homeopathy consistently for anxiety for two years now. It’s the best my anxiety has ever been. It is such a useful tool to support me through difficult times of stress or higher anxiety due to circumstances. It helps me feel calmer, more rational, and more able to process and deal with the situation in front of me.”

Shrek says that ogres are like onions- anxiety is like this too, and even with Homeopathy it can take a number of appointments to get under control. The outlay for an appointment with a Homeopath may seem like a lot, but the effects can be deep and long lasting. I also offer payment plans because I understand financial hardship and want everyone to have access to a professional Homeopath.

Are you ready to prioritise you?

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