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Covid-19 and Emotional Well-being

I want to talk Covid-19, but with a difference.

There are heaps of posts, emails, videos and blogs about what you can use if you get sick. Plenty of information about social distancing and flattening the curve. A lot of scary news about the situation in Italy, Europe and worldwide. Not to mention the grim economic situation and potential for or reality of job losses in some fields.

So this post is about how you can look after your mental and emotional well being and that of your children and whanau.

I would also like to say, that your experience is important- just because your reality is not as severe as someone else’s experience does not mean that it is not valid and you are not entitled to feel that way. This is also worth remembering for children, given what you are dealing with their concerns may seem small and unimportant, but their feelings are valid and homeopathic treatment can help them through without denying their experience.

Ignatia- for grief or loss. This can include (but is not limited to) death of loved ones, job losses, cancellation of important events, or other things that feel like a loss. There can be intense sobbing, gasping and sighing or a feeling like a lump in the throat.

Arsenicum – a good anxiety remedy, to help with all the “what if”s. Arsenicum can worry and catastrophise about anything. They may also have upset stomach or diarrhoea, or burning sensations.

Aconite – this is a good shock remedy, after bad news. It also can help with intense fear and panic- if something is causing a panic attack, consider aconite. If you are waking up at midnight in fright, consider aconite. You can also use it at first signs of an infection, it’s worth having in your kit.

Sepia – parents, this remedy you may want on hand if schools or activities are shut down and you have the children home the whole time. The feeling with Sepia is you just want your family (children) to GO AWAY. They can be quite angry, and need some peace, some time to themselves. They can also feel dull, sluggish and maybe even nauseous. They can feel better for dancing (so if you are feeling like this, and the kids are home, take some Sepia, put on some loud music and get yourself and the kids dancing!)

Pulsatilla – if your empathy is in overdrive, and everything is making you cry, or if your children are clingy, weepy and whiny, consider Pulsatilla. They tend to be very sympathetic and weepy, better for company. Other symptoms can be quite changeable. Often worse for pork or pork fat.

Phosphorus – these are our social butterflies, and concern over friends or lack of contact with friends due to social distancing may be part of this. There are lots of fears, particularly being alone and the dark.

There are many homeopathic remedies I have not mentioned, it would be impossible to list them all. I would like to mention Flower Remedies, as these can also help with emotional regulation. In particular the Bach flower combination remedy known as Rescue Remedy is fantastic for acutely stressful situations and shock.

As always, please contact me if I can help. These situations can trigger suppressed feelings which may make things seem worse, and Homeopathy can help get through to the root of the problem.

I work remotely from home via Skype or video messenger so no contact is necessary 😉 If finances are an issue ask about payment plans.

Take care and Kia kaha

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