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Despite being the one remedy that is known by most people even if they have never heard of Homeopathy, I have never written about Arnica on here, apart from the personal family stories of injury. So here it is 😊

Arnica is our number one trauma remedy, and indicated for any type of injury, including overuse or repetitive strain injuries.

Predominantly the feeling with Arnica is sore, bruised, like they have been beaten. They are tender, the bed may feel too hard, and they are oversensitive.

Mentally they may deny that anything is wrong, saying “I’m fine” when it is clear they are not. It can be useful for the shock after a trauma even without injury, especially if they want to be left alone and especially do not want to be touched.

Arnica is a remedy that helps normalise blood flow. It can be used for injuries to prevent bruising, and stop bleeding. I have personally found it fantastic at stopping a blood nose (whether from trauma or not. This only treats the symptom, if you are getting them regularly then constitutional treatment can help prevent them happening in the first place). While it is most well known for treating haemorrhages and bruising, where bleeding is unwanted, it is also indicated for embolisms, where a clot is blocking a blood vessel. In this way we see some of the polarity of Homeopathy where it seems contradictory that a remedy can be used for both blood clots in an embolism, and to help with clotting in an injury. But unlike allopathy, homeopathy works by stimulating the body to heal, and to normalise function.

With the head Arnica is the first remedy usually for a concussion, with a dullness to their hearing (although there are other indicated remedies later, and as always depends on symptoms). It is also useful for some in strokes, particularly if they are haemorrhagic. Pain will be cutting or as if a nail was driven into the brain. They may have vertigo which is worse on closing the eyes, or have double vision from trauma.

Arnica can be used post partum, particularly if there is a bruised feeling, and everything is tender. Some people like to use it for the newborn as well, particularly if there has been any trauma on the delivery and/or they are choosing not to give vitamin K. (This is not the time for me to go into the pros and cons of vitamin K, but please make an informed decision that is right for your family and the situation).

Arnica is also a remedy for recurrent boils, or crops of boils- with the same symptoms, black and blue colouring, like a bruise, sore and bruised feeling, that they don’t want you to touch.

Arnica is worse for the slightest touch, any motion, rest and cold. I always think of after an injury how it is too sore to touch and move, and yet if you get cold and don’t move it stiffens up and is worse. Vermeulen does state that Arnica is better for cold application – think of this as applying ice or a cold compress directly to the injury to help reduce the swelling.

I would love to hear your stories of how Arnica has helped you and your family and friends.

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