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Go Kerikeri! National Team Sailing Championships

My daughter is competing this week in the National Secondary Schools Team Sailing Championships. So before I go any further – go Kerikeri!!

When my kids go away I always send them with a small kit of remedies that they can take themselves and brief instructions on what and how to take.

In her kit this week she has

Arnica – for injuries, bruising. She often comes back from sailing with bruises in different places.

Rhus Tox – for muscle stiffness and joint injuries. After a couple of days of sailing she can be stiff in the morning and the better when she gets going, but stiff again if she over does it.

Sol – for the sun. Helps to reduce the need for sunscreen and will also treat sunburn if necessary (but hopefully won’t be needed).

Hypericum – for crush injuries, or injuries to nerve rich areas. If fingers get caught in the wrong place Hypericum will help not only with the pain but also healing. Useful for deep injuries too in addition to Calendula.

Calendula – for injuries with broken skin. Calendula is fantastic to put on externally, but also amazing as an internal homeopathic remedy, it promotes the skin repairing.

Ledum – for puncture wounds, including insect bites. It is also an anti-tetanus remedy, and useful for bruises and wounds that are cold to touch but better for cold applications.

Apis – in case of mosquitos or other bites or stings, or allergic reactions. Keynotes are hot, swollen, fluid filled, and can have stinging, burning pains or be itchy.

Nux Vomica – for over eating, or eating something that disagrees. It is likely she will be having way more junk food than at home and while she is very responsible, it’s hard to stop sometimes, but the overindulgence can make her feel yuck.

Avena Sativa/Coffea Cruda combination – to help with getting to sleep when everything is super exciting and she can’t calm down.

Travel sickness combo – she has a combination spray with Petroleum, Tabacum and Cocculus for motion sickness. This is something she can take when needed and helps with the feeling of nausea and prevents vomiting.

Kawakawa balm for putting onto any grades, cute, chafing, bite, burn etc

Most of the time she comes back not having needed to take anything, and I hope that is the case this time too, but it is always good to be prepared.

If you would like a custom kit made up for you please contact me- I am taking time off during the school holidays but we can sort something out in mid October and I can help you decide what are the remedies that you need to have on hand.

Photo credit: yachting nz

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