Barbara Roberts, Homeopath

At What Point Should You Consult a Homeopath?

Homeopathy is an amazing modality, and something that you can use at home to treat acute conditions from coughs and colds to first aid conditions like bruises, puncture wounds and minor burns.

Sometimes though, it is worth getting a Professional involved. Although I am a Homeopath myself I have my own Homeopath who I see for myself and my family when I am needing support. Some situations to consider asking for further help include:

When you’re stuck. You have a decent homeopathic kit, knowledge and ability to treat acute conditions, but for whatever reason you cannot get on top of this particular condition. Or if the condition is something you do not feel confident in treating.

This happened to me 5 years ago – I had a newborn (3 weeks old), a 4 year old, and a 7 year old. My 4 year old contracted whooping cough, and had a cough that would not stop. I was breastfeeding my youngest, but decided to also start the Homeoprophylaxis for whooping cough early because I wasn’t sure of my own immunity to whooping cough. My 4 year old was having vitamin C as per Suzanne Humphries protocol, but I was struggling to find the right homeopathic remedy. A consult with my homeopath set us right, Nux Vomica was prescribed, and it worked amazingly to stop the coughing – from memory (all a bit foggy from having a newborn) we were able to decrease the vitamin C, and it cleared up a lot faster than the normal “90 day cough”.

Secondly, consult a Homeopath when you are having recurring illnesses- even if you can treat them with homeopathy and they pass quickly or symptoms are controlled, if you are having colds every month, recurring infections of any type, or even recurrent annual conditions like hayfever a Homeopath can help. Depending on how long this has been going on and what other methods of treatment you have been using, prognosis and time to treat may differ.

A recent example from my clinic- recurrent colds since having Covid earlier in the year. This was a young adult, had always been extremely healthy, but after Covid was having colds every few weeks and was unable to function, needing to go to bed. I prescribed Tuberculinum, after looking at not just the current problem but their physical and mental emotional picture and family history, and after that one dose, they have had no further colds, and not needed any time off work. Brilliant example of what Homeopathy can do- although I warn you not all are a single remedy, single dose, like this case.

A third reason is when you are unable to think objectively about what is going on, when you need someone else with a fresh eye and who is a step back from the situation. This can be about yourself, but it is often the case with families, usually Mum is in the thick of it with dealing with day to day pressures. It makes it hard to take a step back and look at the big picture, and a Homeopath can really help here. Often when you are reacting and living day by day, you can need support for yourself as well, and homeopathy is a good support for the whole family.

If you are stuck in an area of your life. This could be physically, like growth and development in children, or mentally and emotionally, with a lack of resilience to the stressors of life. Everyone has their own stress points that will come out in one way or another- this can be mental or emotional, like anxiety, tears, or anger, or it could be physical, like back ache. Personally I have a tiny patch of eczema like dry skin, smaller than my little fingernail that pops up above one eye when I am stressed, or I can find my ears swell, weep a yellow liquid from my piercing and crust up. These are my personal canaries in the coal mine that tell me I need to look after myself. Sometimes I can help myself, slow things down, reduce my load and everything improves, other times it is a signal to see my Homeopath.

Finally, if you have a chronic health condition, then consulting a Homeopath will help. We don’t treat conditions, we treat people, so you’re not going to be a walking disease but a person, with your own story. Everything physically, mentally and emotionally as well as your history, helps find the remedy or remedies and help peel back the layers of the onion.

Homeopaths can and do treat people with many different conditions. We look at symptoms and experiences, and love the “strange, rare and peculiar” things that makes each individual themself.

If you are wanting support for one of the scenarios above, or something else, then make an appointment with myself or another Homeopath.

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