Barbara Roberts, Homeopath

Fireworks and animals

I’m a Guy Fawkes baby, and I used to love the fireworks, seeing the sky light up, the colours and all the different types of fireworks that were available.

These days I have come to the conclusion that while the failed act of terrorism was a crime and the perpetrators were punished in the accepted manner of the time, the commemoration of this very act hundreds of years later, and in a different country is somewhat obscene. There are other times that we could celebrate with fireworks instead of this one.

Fireworks availability has diminished, but there are still displays, and individuals with fireworks, so here are some suggestions for supporting your animals through this distressing event.

If possible keep animals inside and away from fireworks, but if that is not possible, or they are still distressed indoors try one of these remedies:

Aconite – panic is the word that comes to mind here, in the case of horses they may run, heedless of everything and hurt themselves in their hysteria.

Gelsemium – they will be weak, trembling and shaky, they can also urinate or have diarrhoea from fright.

Arsenicum – they will be anxious and not want to be left alone. Animals who need this may have more of an anxious temperament.

Phosphorus – anxious and startling from any sudden noises. These animals are generally friendly and outgoing but can be frightened easily.

Borax – this is a specific remedy for fear from thunderstorms, and fireworks may cause the same kind of fright with the bright lights and loud bangs.

Rescue remedy – a good remedy for shock and trauma.

Playing music or the tv to reduce the impact of sudden noises, and allowing them to have a safe place to curl up can help also.

I hope you keep your animals safe and enjoy the fireworks with your family if you wish to. We will be attending the Springbank Fireworks display this year, so if you are local I may see you there 😊

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