Barbara Roberts, Homeopath


I recently heard a new acronym, which I absolutely love (credit to Luke Norland on Eugenie Kruger’s Homeopathy Hangouts podcast, episode 25). The acronym is TEETH- Tried Everything Else, Try Homeopathy.

It is such an accurate term, and I am sure any Homeopath will have experiences in this. Do we get results for these people? Absolutely. Is it a quick process? Often it is not. Usually the longer you have had a condition, the longer it takes to return to health.

Do we help every single person with everything they want help with? Unfortunately not. I have cases that stick in my mind because they are the ones I did not help. Some of these cases though expected a miracle or a change after one appointment – even the best practitioners don’t get it right every time – and even a lack of response gives us information.

In the conventional medical system people go back to doctors again and again, even when things are not changing or medication is not helping. Complementary health practitioners do not always get this opportunity though.

Change can be slow, but often it is not until a follow up appointment that improvement is apparent. It is not unusual for a discussion of symptoms that were not a big problem last time, and when questioned about something from the last appointment I will be told that they had completely forgotten about that – once resolved we have short memories for suffering.

Some of my most rewarding cases have been those where I am the end of the line, after seeing conventional and alternative practitioners. The improvements and gains we see with Homeopathy are amazing for them and affirming for me.

Like most modalities it can be easier and faster to resolve a problem the earlier you seek help, and when a condition has been there for a longer period of time it can take longer to resolve. A single appointment will not fix everything, it is a matter of peeling back layers, like those of an onion, to slowly return to health.

If you have seen a Homeopath and not had an immediate response then don’t give up just yet- there are remedies that have a lack of response as a symptom, and it is an opportunity to look deeper into what is happening or time to go in a different direction. Homeopathy has so many different ways or practicing, from clinical prescribing looking at the condition itself, to classical Homeopathy with one remedy based on the totality of symptoms, to detox therapy and many things in between, so if the first approach did not work, rest assured there is another option.

Whichever stage of your health journey you are in Homeopathy can help. Are you ready to take a step towards better health?

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