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Belladonna is commonly known as Deadly nightshade, with the active ingredient Atropine. It is called Belladonna “beautiful lady” in Italian, because of its history, where women would drip the juice of the berry into their eyes to dilate the pupil, considered fashionable and beautiful at the time. The active ingredient, atropine, is still used in medicine today, as an eye drop to dilate the pupil, and in surgery to reduce salivary secretions.

Homeopathically, Belladonna is best known for fevers- with symptoms of a high fever that comes on suddenly, worse in the evening, hot, flushed red face, and thirstless.

Belladonna can also be used by someone who has headaches- throbbing pain, congestion and heat.

People with infections in early stages can take Belladonna. Particularly when there is redness, swelling and throbbing or intense pain. Whether a sore throat, a dental abscess in the early stages, or an infected ingrown toe nail, the intense throbbing pain, redness and heat are characteristics to watch for.

Burns, especially sunburn is part of the Belladonna picture. When it is hot, red and angry looking, and very sensitive to touch. It is also indicated for sun stroke, when the person is overheated and flushed.

Belladonna also has nightmares listed in the Materia Medica- especially if these occur when becoming overheated at night. They can be delirious, restless and agitated. They may complain of monsters.

Not sure if Belladonna is indicated? Complaints are usually right sided, they are usually thirstless and may crave lemons or lemonade. They are better for pressure, rest and warmth, and worse for motion, cold, light and noise.

Belladonna is an essential homeopathic remedy to have in your home kit, especially if you have children.

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