Barbara Roberts, Homeopath


I burnt myself last night. Distracted while serving dinner I managed to splatter the just-off-the-stove curry sauce all over my right palm and wrist. Straight to the cold tap and I ran it under water for at least 5 minutes, then finished serving, by which time it was red, and painful again, so I took some Belladonna and back under the cold tap. I took a second dose of Belladonna, then ate some dinner and had a third dose.

Considering the amount of pain initially, I was expecting some sign to show on the skin, but by bedtime even the redness has gone, and today you wouldn’t even know.

So, general first aid for burns-

Hold under cool, running water for 20 minutes. For severe burns infection is a risk – gladwrap to cover it while you get to medical treatment will help prevent this. Gladwrap (or for reduced plastic households something that will prevent air on the exposed nerves) will also reduce pain. There are a variety of commercial burn creams available. Personally I favour calendula based ones- it promotes regrowth of the skin, active Manuka honey which is antibacterial, or my all time favourite- MEBO Burn repair (or wound repair, they are the same formula). That is a little bit magic.

Homeopathic remedies to consider-

*Belladonna- mild burns, sunburn with redness and throbbing

*Cantharis- serious burns, scalds, horribly painful burning, large blisters, raw and smarting, better cold applications

*Urtica Urens- Sunburn, scalds, minor burns that are unbroken and unblistered. Redness and swelling, itching sensation. Pain worse for water and heat

*Arsenicum- serious burns and chemical burns. Pain, anxiety, restlessness. Averse to cold compress, prefers warmth

*Apis – minor burns. Pain, redness, swelling, inflammation, stinging pain. Relieved by icy cold applications

If you are concerned about a burn you have received, if it is painless(indicating nerve damage), or covers an area larger than your hand, seek medical advice straight away.

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