Barbara Roberts, Homeopath

Bellis Perennis

Bellis Perennis is the daisy, part of the Asteraceae family like Arnica, and sometimes called the common, lawn or English daisy to distinguish it from the cultivated forms of the daisy. 

Like Arnica, Bellis Perennis is a remedy for trauma. Specifically to trauma of the abdomen, reproductive organs, or spleen. 

It has an affinity for the reproductive organs so is particularly useful for after childbirth to support the uterus reducing back to a pre-pregnancy size. Even during pregnancy, if there is pain or difficulty walking in the third trimester Bellis Perennis can help. Other complaints in pregnancy include sleeplessness from painful movement of baby, stiffness and a bruised sensation that extends down the front of the thighs. It is useful after a caesarean or vaginal birth, and helps if there has been a slow recovery from pregnancy. 

It is also useful for surgery, particularly to the abdomen or reproductive organs. When there is a trauma and the nearby lymph glands swell and the limb is cold, Bellis Perennis is indicated. Infected wounds that are slow to heal and lymphoedema also are part of the Bellis Perennis picture. 

Mentally and emotionally they can be irritable, impatient and intolerant to noise. 

However, much like its use for physical trauma, Bellis Perennis can be useful for emotional complaints, my homeopath Grace Catley described it as a remedy for “bruising on the soul”.

They may have the delusion they are friendless, and like the plucking of petals by children “he loves me, he loves me not”, Bellis Perennis may suppress their own emotions and be unable to figure out what others are feeling.

In an early proving it had the prover feeling “as happy as a king”, but then caused memory problems, like they were brainless for a few days afterwards. Bellis Perennis, like the daisy that is trodden down but opens up day after day, Bellis Perennis keeps going and will smile even under adversity, they can even have a lack of reaction to trauma and not feel pain, they are so used to it.  

When we put these symptoms together, it can be useful after a traumatic incident that leaves them feeling friendless and alone, irritable and impatient but unable to think clearly. 

Other mental emotional symptoms include oversensitivity to pain, irritability, indifference to household matters or the welfare of others, and dictatorial or domineering behaviour. 

Multiple provings have also shown it to be a useful remedy for boils- this could be acne on the face with pustules, recurrent boils, as well as infected eczema, later stage cold sores and itchiness or urticaria. Bellis Perennis supports the lymph glands with the moment of lymph, it can be useful when the lymph glands are hard, to soften and promote drainage. Traditionally it was used for boils and pustules, and the provings have reinforced this. Abscesses are another area it could be used. 

Bellis Perennis is also useful for injuries: sprains that are stiff, bruised and cold. It is known to be useful for rheumatism or arthritis in “old labourers”, who feel tired and stiff, and is a remedy to think off for injury to the tailbone. 

There can be period pain, with bearing down pains like in labour and a low back ache. The uterus feels like it is being squeezed, and pain can extend down the front of the thighs. 

Morrison states that Bellis Perennis is also indicated for breast cancer that develops after an injury to the breast. 

Bellis Perennis can have headaches in the forehead or the back of the head, which are better for having a bleeding nose. They can have a migraine with vertigo, and it may feel like the head is a lump, the front of the brain is constricted, or like there is a band around the head. 

They have an increased appetite, during the day and at night, and want to eat sausages, onions, vinegar and Licorice. They like cold water but when they are over heated icy cold food or drink does not suit them. They may have watery yellow diarrhoea that is offensive and worse at night. 

Nasal discharge is also watery and excoriating, and can come with a blocked nose that wakes them from sleep. 

Next time you see a daisy, or sit down to make a daisy chain, you will be better able to appreciate the power of this humble flower. 

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