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Typology in Homeopathy Book Review part 2

Yesterday I wrote about the first four types from Vannier’s book on Typology: Mars, Saturn, Apollo and Venus. Today I will finish discussing the four prototypes, starting with Jupiter. 

Jupiter is described as a majestic demeanour, and is of medium height and well proportioned, but may tend to fat. From the front their face looks square, but ther head is “acorn-shaped”. They have a short, straight or aquiline nose with large nostrils and a big chin which may project forward or recede. 

They have a strong and direct movements and “commands respect”. Jupiter people show their feelings by rubbing their hands or clapping them. 

Jupiter people enjoy life, they have intelligence and think before they speak – and people listen when they do. They are ambitious people but know how far to go to stay on the right side of law and morality. They do like the finer things in life and will show their wealth, but only indulge in moderation. Manners are important, as is behaving the right way, and while they may be in charge they are benevolent and polite in all their interactions.  

With age Jupiterians will put on weight and may suffer from diabetes or gout, heart disease is also a possibility, but these do not bother them, they are jolly people. Disease is associated with lifestyle, too much food, too rich food, too much alcohol, not enough movement. 

The remedies that Vannier suggests for Jupiter is primarily Sulphur, as they are happy, optimistic people, who have a lot of redness in their complexion and particularly red lips and ears. Their hunger at 11am will lead them to eat something possibly too rich which further adds to their toxicity from their lifestyle. Nux Vomica is also a possibility for Jupiter, although they tend towards irritability instead of the easy going nature of the typical Jupiterian. 

Mercury people are small with a large skull and a small chin that makes their face appear like a triangle. They have a straight nose and a small mouth, and can look younger than their years. They are restless and move frequently and quickly – like the messenger of the Gods. 

Mercurians have a lot of mental energy also, lots of ideas but also will see the project through. They have an analytical mind and an excellent memory, but if not careful they will work themselves to exhaustion. Mercurians make good scientists because they are curious, meticulous, examine all the evidence but also have intuition. 

The main remedy for Mercury, with their restlessness and overwork is Silica. However Arsenicum Album, Iodum and Argentum Nitricum can also all be indicated with the restlessness that is characteristic of Mercury. For a more irritable Mercurian Chamomilla may fit, or a hypersensitive and hysterical Mercurian may need Ignatia. 

Luna people are of medium height, with a hazelnut shaped head, receding forehead, upturned nose and a large mouth that turns up. They give the impression of roundness, from a round, short, fat chin to plump arms and fat legs. Luna people have an “eccentric” way of walking, which is hesitant and reflects their internal insecurity. 

Lunarians are imaginative, daydreamers, and may invent stories – whether for creative writing or just gossip. The lies they tell become true to them, but they are not constant and a week later could be contradicting themselves. They are intuitive but impressionable and dread conflict. They can be very trusting and led on by others. 

There is a strong affinity with water, they love lakes and ponds. But they are also subject to oedema and their weight may even vary with barometric pressure from water in the environment. They are extremely sensitive to damp or even being by the seaside, and even some foods with a high water content may irritate. 

There are three main remedies Vannier associated with Luna: Natrum Sulphuricum, Pulsatilla and Antimonium Crudum. Nat Sulph is puffy and has the water retention aspect of Luna, Pulsatilla has the changeable or erratic nature, and Antimonium Crudum is a sensitive and love sick type who is “worse at night, by moonlight”. 

The eighth and final type is Terra. They are of medium build, and square and stocky. They have a low, broad, flat forehead, a square face with a big mouth and a round, fat chin. They walk confidently but are heavy and can be imposing- you would hesitate to bother them with something minor. 

Terrans are sensible people, they are realists, interested in concrete reality not day dreams, and have a lot of common sense. They are hard workers, and will be persistent in their goals. They can be bossy, they may offend people without meaning to, and can be irritable if their work is interrupted. They work hard for their money, and can be miserly about spending it. 

Physical conditions include digestive and liver problems, exacerbated by their sedentary lifestyle. 

Remedies Vannier suggests for the physical maladies of the Terran are Nux Vomica, Sepia and Lycopodium, as all have significant gut and liver affinities. 

Vannier at the end discusses how people are not usually a single type, but may be a combination of these prototypes. He names some of these as “meta types” and discusses characteristics, but not the potential homeopathic remedies for them, instead focusing on the physical appearance. 

Overall, this was an interesting read, but I am unlikely to start categorising people in these types. For a more in-depth discussion of each of the types, please get a copy of the book and read more about the different body types and the remedies they indicate.
One of these days soon I will write about the four Hippocratic types and how to recognise them. 

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