Barbara Roberts, Homeopath

Combination remedies vs Classical Homeopathy

Classical Homeopathy is about finding that one single remedy that explains all your symptoms. It’s the thing that makes Homeopathy so hard to understand if you are new to the concept.

It’s not a case of “you have a cold, take this remedy” like you find with conventional medicine, or herbal medicines. Instead we start to play a game of twenty questions. When all your symptoms, any possible cause, the way you are feeling mentally and emotionally and any other symptoms have been taken into account then the right remedy can be found.

When I write about different conditions I give the keynotes for different remedies in that condition, so you can find the right one for you.

But sometimes it’s not that easy, and trying to differentiate yourself is hard. Sometimes two remedies look good. And sometimes you just need something that will work without trying to sort out which remedy.

In these cases you can take several remedies together or alternate two remedies to get a response. It is also easy to have combination remedies (such as the various Naturopharm remedies found in Pharmacies and Health shops) so you can give a remedy for that condition.

I prefer, with my family, to use individual remedies instead of combinations- but I have also been known to give a couple of remedies simultaneously. Especially if it’s 2am and my brain is not functioning at its best!

Of course if your combination remedy is not working as expected it may be that the right remedy for you is not in there and you may want help selecting a more effective remedy.

There are some really well known and commonly used complex or combination remedies. These are my favourites:

Heel Traumeel for injuries and trauma

Heel Viburcol for fever

Naturopharm AGE for flu like symptoms

Naturopharm ABC for babies, fever and unsettledness

That’s your favourite combination and when have you used it?

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