Barbara Roberts, Homeopath

Homeopathy: the ultimate green medicine

The theme for World Homeopathy Awareness week this year is Homeopathy: the ultimate green medicine.

Let’s talk about homeopathic remedies


There is very little or no toxic waste from the production of homeopathic remedies.

Only a small amount of original substance is required to create a remedy, and the amount of a remedy that can be created from one object is exponential.

This means the natural resources are not over burdened by over harvesting.

In addition there is no waste and no harmful chemicals are used for extraction or purification.

Homeopathic remedies are not tested on animals. Right from the earliest examples, discovered by Hahnemann, homeopathic remedies have been tested on human volunteers.

Despite this, homeopathy is not just for humans. Remedies work effectively for animals, and there is increasing use in homeopathy for gardening and farming.

Homeopathy for garden and farm has amazing potential to reduce our use of harmful chemicals for pest control and strengthen plants against disease. There are a few books available about this now and if you’re a keen gardener I recommend looking into it further.

Homeopathy is a sustainable and environmentally friendly option for safe, effective care for the whole family.

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