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Coughs, colds and broken bones

It’s all homeopathy in my house at the moment, lining the kids up to take various remedies.

The week before last my youngest had Roseola. Apart from a runny nose for one day, then five days of rash this didn’t bother him at all- but did lower his immune system that the next bug took hold of him quickly and fiercely.

For a week now he has been sick with a respiratory virus- it has caused bronchiolitis and a minor ear infection, had him lethargic, coughing and not eating for days. I have been giving him Antimonium Tartaricum to support him with coughing and getting the mucus in his chest out. He is also taking Echinacea and Vitamin C.

On Sunday, my eldest fell off a playground and landed on her hands. Her left hand was intensely painful to touch, so I gave her several doses of Arnica (and some ibuprofen for pain) and suspecting a break sent her to hospital with Dad. The doctor strapped her fingers together for support, she had an x ray yesterday which showed an oblique fracture in her metacarpal. This cast (pictured) will be on for a couple of weeks and then another x Ray. Since the x ray confirmation I gave her X Ray homeopathic remedy to help her body deal with the x ray, Symphytum which is a remedy from Comfrey, colloquially known as “bone-knit”, and Hypericum which supports nerves and nerve pain. She has not had any more ibuprofen since the cast went on and is coping well without it.

Miss 6 and I have both been battling early sore throat symptoms. Aconite is the remedy we are taking, which can be taken in those first signs of an illness. We are also taking Echinacea and Vitamin C and (touch wood) so far it has not developed further.

Remedy Summary-

Antimonium Tartaricum- rattly breathing and cough, may be hard to get the mucus up.

Arnica- injuries, bruising, pain and shock

X Ray- after exposure to x rays

Symphytum- to support healing of fractures and broken bones. Note- do not give until AFTER x ray confirming bones are in the correct place. If pins are necessary consult with a Homeopath.

Hypericum- nerve pain

Aconite- first signs of illness, or “in anticipation” of illness.

Stories (and picture) of my older children posted with permission.

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