Barbara Roberts, Homeopath

Obstacles to Cure- EMF

Sometimes with chronic disease there are obstacles to cure- things that mean even the perfect simillimum, the homeopathic remedy that fits you exactly, will not work well or have a long lasting effect.

There are many obstacles to cure. Diet, lifestyle, and stress, but the one I want to talk about today is electromagnetic frequency radiation (EMF).

Have you ever been to a place and had a bad feeling about the area or just felt uncomfortable? Ever felt “wired” in certain places or around machines? I had headaches when working in one place where there were a lot of computers in a small space. In cities you may notice a dozen or more wifi connections available for your device.

What’s the problem? We’ve always been subjected to radiation from the sun and geographic stress, right?

Sure, that’s true, but we are certainly subjected to more now. While the measurable level may be low on a meter there is certainly an effect on biological systems. Testing of 5G has caused deaths of insects and birds in Europe, as well as having an effect on the behaviour of dairy cows. If 5G does come to New Zealand we will all be under more, 24 hour, radiation than ever before in human history, which could have catastrophic effects on us humans, as well as our flora and fauna. Even without 5G the EMF from our wifi, 4G and electricity has a significant effect on us.

Consider EMF might be an issue if

• You have insomnia

• Your child has nightmares or behavioural problems

• You feel “wired” or “on edge”

• If you are always tired or irritable

• You have recurrent headaches

It can also contribute to depression and anxiety.

What can you do about it?

Fortunately there are products that can protect you from EMF. They use the work of Wilhelm Reich, who discovered that combining metal and wood or cotton he could move a form of energy he called Orgone and use it to heal. The term Orgonite was later used to describe these devices, a combination of metal, resin (from oil) and crystals.

You can get personal devices that you wear, and ones to protect an area- whether it be a smaller area or your entire house. I have an individual necklace, a Keyring device for each car, and for each of my children’s school bags (there is wifi at school), and a larger one for the house.

Personally I like the products from Life Energy Designs. They are a New Zealand company with a good history and reputation.

Consider whether EMF is an issue for you and if a protection device (whether for home or personal) would be worthwhile.

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