Barbara Roberts, Homeopath


There are some remedies that are more indicated at certain times of the year, and Dulcamara is one for now, for Autumn.

It is a remedy that is often forgotten about, but they are worse when there is a change of weather from warm to cool, and the autumnal warm days with cool nights has the same effect. They are also generally worse for damp, or cold, damp weather, and from getting cold or even cold drafts.

The main things that Dulcamara is indicated for are colds, arthritis pains and herpes.

Dulcamara has thick, yellow mucus, which can cause sinusitis and headaches, the headache feels better when the mucus is flowing rather than stopped up. The mucus can also block the Eustachian tubes causing pain in the ears, particularly the left ear. The nose becomes blocked up, and they can develop a cough, or even asthma, bronchitis, or pneumonia that is worse with the cold, damp weather.

Dulcamara can be useful for arthritic pains with stiffness that are worse with cold and getting wet, and low back pain which is worse for catching a cold. Arthritic pains can also alternate with diarrhoea.

On the skin, Dulcamara is useful for herpes, both cold sores around the mouth and genital herpes. There can be impetigo or bacterial skin infections, especially if they are scaly, thick and crusty, and it is useful for ringworm especially in the hair of children.

Dulcamara is also useful for flat, smooth warts, including warts on the face or hands and fingers.

Dulcamara is also known to be useful for “winter diarrhoea” or diarrhoea from cold weather, with stools that are green, watery, slimy and sour. With this there can be abdominal pain around the navel which is cutting. They will be thirsty for cold drinks but averse to food and may have nausea or vomiting which comes with shivering.

Dulcamara can also be used for cystitis with frequent urination, or they may have urinary retention from cold or cold drinks. The urine will be cloudy, slimy or foul.

So if you get any illness from this change of weather, with the cool, crisp mornings and evenings and hot days, it is worth considering Dulcamara as it may just be the right remedy.

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