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This page has been slowly growing, and it’s a long time since I have done an introduction post.

You’ve probably gleaned the details- Homeopath, originally a Pharmacist (now non-practicing), live in Kerikeri, with my husband, 3 children and 2 cats.

Here are some things you probably don’t know.

It took me six years to complete my four year Homeopathy diploma. I attended in person for my first year until November, then had my first baby and moved to distance learning via DVD. Over the course I moved cities twice – from Auckland to Nelson, and back again – and had two children – one in Auckland and one in Nelson.

I hold very high standards for myself – I remember having a call from the college because I hadn’t sent in an assignment – I didn’t want to start because I was concerned I wouldn’t do well. After speaking with the tutor I just wrote the mini essays and sent them in. I don’t remember my mark but I did do well.

In University, one of my favourite parts of our Pharmacy Practice paper was Law and Ethics. I even considered doing a law degree after my Pharmacy degree and specialising in healthcare law. Fortunately I had an awesome internship and really loved working in Pharmacy instead, and so ended up staying in the medical field. I still like the law and ethics, and the basis of ethics that I live and work by is that of the four principles: Beneficence – help others, Non-maleficence – do no harm, Autonomy – self determination and informed consent, and Justice – fair and equitable treatment.

I’m a learning junkie. The reason I even started studying at what was then the Bay of Plenty College of Homeopathy (BOPCOH) was from a chance conversation with the Naturopharm rep at the pharmacy I was working in in St Luke’s. I had completed all the free training courses that all the vitamin and supplement companies had, and Naturopharm’s course, and when discussing with her she told me about the Foundation one year course at BOPCOH. More learning sounded good so I signed up for that one year…. Then fell pregnant and fell in love with Homeopathy and decided to complete the diploma.

One of the things I still love about Homeopathy is that there is always more to learn, and even seeing the same remedy again deepens my understanding.

I am an active relaxer – in my down time I am still likely to be multi tasking. When I watch TV, I am sewing, knitting or cross stitching – or on my computer working. I sew, but often have background noise, sometimes a webinar or lecture on at the same time. I like to cook, and usually have a podcast or webinar on, or even a book to read at the same time. The one thing that does make me stop is reading, I love to read, mostly fiction, and can use it as a stress reliever and pressure gauge – if I am stress free I can read complex novels, whether fantasy, sci fi, mystery, crime or historical, but the more stressed I get the less complicated the stories get. If I’m reading Mills and Boon then I’m probably pretty stressed, because the short romance with the predictable formula is the kind of time out I need.

People are important to me. It is the reason I liked working as a Pharmacist – and will probably return part time in the future. Pharmacy is unique that you can talk to a Health Professional, without an appointment, for some free advice at any time. Lots of small interactions with many different people was something I loved.

I love Homeopathy as well – it is such a privilege to have the trust and hear in depth people’s stories, and know that I have tools to help them on their journey. I am also passionate about making connections with other practitioners – the NZ Pharmacy Council recognised this and has made meetings with colleagues a requirement for Continuing Professional Development (CPD). I actively take part in groups with colleagues and take time when I can to meet up and maintain links with Homeopaths and other Natural Health Professionals, many of whom are now friends.

I have my own Homeopath, who I see periodically for myself and my children. While I can and do treat myself, and them, I also know my limits, and it can be very hard to be objective when you are in the middle of something. It’s also good professional practice to make sure I am healthy mentally and emotionally so that I am in a space where I can support others.

Thanks for being here and following my page.

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